And isn’t that interesting — no, not Richard Armitage’s fly

Although, weird. But rather: it’s the same bracelet he wore for the Hobbit audition.

~ by Servetus on May 5, 2017.

20 Responses to “And isn’t that interesting — no, not Richard Armitage’s fly”

  1. Wow! Where does this picture from Lisa Frank’s photo project suddenly come from? Never seen this before!
    PS: The fly 😳? Oh that fly 😄! For a moment I thought you meant the birth mark/vaccination mark on his bicep 😂

    • Eni, relentless scourer of the Internet, must have been looking at Liza’s home page. She has a gallery.

      And I guess we can now add to the list that he must have had that altered somehow — iirc there are still traces of it but it’s not that visible anymore.

      • I remember pictures from the Hobbit set where he is captured with a plaster over the spot…

        • It looks fainter in the SB caps, but maybe it’s covered over. I see they dad that in Spooks. TBH, my favorite skin blemish (the one I keep track of) is the forehead one 🙂

          • The forehead scar is cute. The vaccination scar OTOH nicely emphasises his arms… me likey…

            • afaik the smallpox vax is the vax that usually leaves that huge scar (due to the weird method of administering it). I wonder if he had one. If so, he’d have been among the last people in the UK to receive it. (same with me, I’ve got that scar, my brother doesn’t).

              • Mine’s on the left arm, I remember a big scare that had us lining up at the Doctors

              • I suspect it’s a BCG vaccination scar. Mine is very very faint as I had it at birth, but I remember my peers having it at school and it leaving more of a mark on some than others.

                Incidentally, it’s been phased out now and is only given to those deemed to be at a higher risk (at least on NHS).

                • wow, interesting. We don’t vax against tuberculosis in the US.

                  • Just had a quick Google and it looks like smallpox vaccination ceased in the UK in 1971 so it’s unlikely he was given it.

                    • Yes — see what I write above, also after having googled it. If he got it he was one of the last.

  2. Whoops – sorry, just found your other post. Ignore me.

  3. Fecking priceless 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I feel like had more fun in the previous decade 🙂

  5. He likes his studded leather 😉 and i like the arms… seems he did too….black wifebeater 😂😂🤣😂

    • sure enough. I would love to see some of his earlier leather jackets and pants — from before Belstaff. Supposedly he wore leather trousers even after they were out of style …

  6. These are great pics! He said he took part in a karaoke session in Sydney when he was here in 2013 so he seems to enjoy it. Oh to be a fly on the wall! That trim on his jeans is unusual……certainly draws one’s eye ahem
    My generation had TB vaccinations in secondary school, but I see now it’s not part of the schedule, I don’t know when it was phased out. Being right handed, all my vaccinations are in my left arm, I still have the TB scar, so I’m curious if it is a vaccination scar on RA’s arm since he is right handed. I too am rather partial to the scar on his forehead. 🙂

    • That’s right, I’d forgotten that. The one I remember is that he was asked once to name something English that people should try and he said, karaoke, and then said, oh, well, I guess that is actually Japanese. 🙂

      I am right handed and my vaccinations were all in my right arm … ?

  7. I knew I’d seen that bracelet in his audition. BTW, there’s a 4th photo of them sitting down and he’s singing to her. You’ve probably already seen it. I’m behind checking your blog.

    • it’s in a separate post; the people who were combing her page for info found the fourth photo several hours later.

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