More of Liza Franks, Richard Armitage, and “My Celebrity Boyfriend”

I read this at zRYSIOwana ja. For those not familiar, these are from Franks’ 2007 book, My Celebrity Boyfriend, which was the published version of an academic qualification she prepared. She was interviewed about the project here (Armitage Army Forum, login necessary to access). It is still in print but only the photograph we were familiar with up to now was in the book.



~ by Servetus on May 5, 2017.

12 Responses to “More of Liza Franks, Richard Armitage, and “My Celebrity Boyfriend””

  1. That was fun to read the interview… I knew the AA Forum membership would come in handy!


    • I thought so too. Lots of good stuff still on those forums for people who have the time and patience — I like picking up the atmosphere of “how it used to be.”

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      • Can’t quite figure out how to find stuff on there, so it’s nice when a gem is pointed out!


        • yeah, this is the negative, you have to essentially search for things, so you sort of have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it. Just plain chronological reading is tedious.

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  2. And I’m curious what song they sang.
    Thanks for linking to my blog.<3


    • One was a Cream song, I think, probably “Sunshine of your Love.” Liza said that she remembered he belted out an Eric Clapton song. The other photo has a lyric from a difference song, by Damien Rice.


  3. LOL! Thanks for sharing these! I have the book, btw, ordered it some years ago when I was made aware of it.
    Richard’s arms look very strong… 🙂


    • it’s interesting — muscular shoulders but biceps a bit underdeveloped in comparison to how he’d look four years later.

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  4. the second photo made me laugh, because when i first seen it, the first thing that pop into my mind was that Mr. Richard Armitage and friend were both thinking ” Shit! I forgot to put on deodorant.”


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