Second take on Brain Fire (he still hates it)

Critic from the Straits Times was obviously really bothered by the film.

~ by Servetus on May 6, 2017.

5 Responses to “Second take on Brain Fire (he still hates it)”

  1. It appears that he thought the acting was good and the story competently told in the film. I guess the only problem he had with it on the whole was that the main character wasn’t a pathetic loser with a rotten life before she developed her condition/illness. I’m not sure I get the point of his review.


  2. Maybe she looks so perfect to inspire schadenfreude, not empathy. The whole think sounds a little weird.


  3. I agree. I’m not sure what his problem is with the film. He can’t sympathize with the main character because she had a nice life before she became ill?Would he have been happier if she wasn’t cured?


  4. Laying aside the moral aspects of it — dramatically speaking, it is true that since we know she survives it, the sense of tension in the story is lessened.


  5. T’is indeed a strange review. Really does not finish the thought, kind of like the critic.


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