Daniel Miller goes bushy?

~ by Servetus on May 8, 2017.

22 Responses to “Daniel Miller goes bushy?”

  1. That guy’s wearing a wedding ring though… something we don’t know? Or not him?


    • I noticed that, too. That, the shape of his butt and the unlikelihood that a CIA agent could have a haircut like that have pushed me into the “no” camp.

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    • however, I should mention that in large parts of the world the wedding ring is worn on the right finger (I know, seems weird to me, too) So it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a wedding ring.


      • Well, true. And some people just like to wear rings on any finger they choose. I was riding in a car with someone who told me the set on her ring finger was just coz she liked it.
        Somehow those fingers don’t look long enough to me, though.


  2. I’m guessing its the man who is tagged in the photo (but I can’t check as he’s private). Whomever he is, he bares a nice resemblance to Richard when he had his lovely longer wavy hair.

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  3. Sorry if I’ll disappoint you, girls – that hair are awesome – but this man isn’t Richard. He is Lauren’s husband. You can see other photos of him, and their daughter, on Lauren’s IG profile. 😉


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome — if you read the comments I think you’ll see we figured it out 🙂


  4. Was für ein netter 5-Sekunden-Aufreger 😂


    • I was enjoying the fantasy that Daniel had quit the CIA and had gone all hippie — LOL.

      I wonder if they sent the whole cast on Berlin Air … no first class?


      • Ich glaube bei Air Berlin gibt es bloß Holzklasse 😁
        Persönlich fand ich die Idee mit dem Ehering ganz kurz viel faszinierender 😆 Mann, was für ein genialer Aufreger DAS gewesen wäre….


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