He’s probably thrilled they’re making up the car and not him

The other posts in her TL about her journey to the shooting locations are interesting, too.


~ by Servetus on May 9, 2017.

13 Responses to “He’s probably thrilled they’re making up the car and not him”

  1. The May 7 video looks like maybe a cast party … is that RA right at the end at the back a bit to the right wearing black?


  2. If anyone else is interested the party video is here:


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  3. I wonder if he is the guy (in the party video) in the black shirt and khaki shorts talking to the guy in the with white shirt and hat (Rhys Ifans?)


  4. Dear Richie! That haircut + beard look really, really awful! Mission accomplished! Ugghhh… I know…it’s the certain angle…. 😦 😉


    • BTW He seems to be in the ‘zone’…. 😚


      • I keep meaning to tell you — you are now the only person who is still having this weird glitch with every comment needing to be approved individually — not that that helps much, probably.


        • I have no idea what qualifies me to require such a special attentiveness….. 😦 😛 Must have a tendency to some grumpy thoughts recently…..;-) Sorry, (räusper!) to be such a nuisance ….. !!!


      • I agree. That looked like a Daniel Miller posture adjustment to me 🙂


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