I guess they don’t consider it a secret [spoiler]


~ by Servetus on May 9, 2017.

5 Responses to “I guess they don’t consider it a secret [spoiler]”

  1. Hector DeJean in a dressing gown next to an actor playing a Neo-Nazi (?) in Spain – curious what kind of scene will be the result of these “ingredients” 😉
    …and in the other video: RA’s hairstyle!…looks not at all like Daniel Miller in Season 1


    • There was an intimation earlier that this season might get into the current political situation in Germany (rise of a right radical party), and the guy next to Ifans in this picture has an 1889 tattoo, which is definitely neo-Nazi insignia. So I am wondering if Daniel is somehow supposed to look a little skinheady for undercover work?


  2. I wonder how on earth they will explain Hector getting away with what he’s done and being trusted to work for the organisation again…


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