Can I just say

The U.S. political news has once again reached apparent peak surreality.

~ by Servetus on May 10, 2017.

40 Responses to “Can I just say”

  1. Say away. I’m shocked. I didn’t think I had the capacity to be shocked anymore – but I was. (Sorry, Canadian weighing in).

    • I feel like I’ve been constantly in shock since January, and even I was shocked. So are all my friends, my FB feed is ringing off the hook.

  2. Hell, he can’t just keep firing everybody!

    • he may run out of people, true …

      • His family members will surely remain… (sorry, couldn’t help myself, sarcasm seems my new escapism this week…with the upcoming snap election things got tense again. And I had some similarly surreal discussions yesterday re Brexit)

        Serv, do you know – Are there any rumours or indications who will be the new FBI director?

  3. I feel sick and worried. True, there was cause to fire Comey – hell, Obama and Loretta Lynch had cause to fire Comey, but it was inopportune, and maybe he had other qualities that superseded the desire for punishment over how he handled the Clinton emails and helped turn the election. But to fire him now, 6 months later, at a time when there’s a grand jury, and an active investigation into the President and his men re: ties to Russia, is impossible to justify. Further, the WH comments on Sally Yates are despicable. The courts of out of this for now. Enough Republicans members have to speak up, act and be vigilant about who Trump puts up for replacements. Even that — who knows? He’s getting away with so much corruption and self-dealing already.

    • I think his actions interfered with the election — but it’s stunning to me that anyone would think that this firing is not about the Russia connection. (Yet I am hearing that on Fox). Of course the administration is worried about what the FBI knows and what Comey would have said about it. There were a bunch of subpoenas just this afternoon.

      • A grand jury is only as effective as the prosecutor running it. Ultimately, the USAtt’y for the EDVA reports up through DOJ, the AG and Trump. Also, I think Trump and the WH are fairly OK with sacrificing only Flynn and Carter – which seems to be where that Grand Jury is now. They could stop there.

      • I was shocked but not surprised. Wasn’t it just a question of time (bad timing on WH part though) for this to happen? Can’t the senate or some court still ask Comey to testify or make a statement on the investigation? Or is that not going to happen because it is an ongoing investigation? Could TD fire him just like that or had other members of the administration (e.g. Sessions) to agree first?

        • The firing is constitutional; Comey will still be asked (or if he doesn’t comply, subpoenaed) to testify.

          This was kind of a dumb move. If it’s true that DJT was not being investigated, Comey was actually a relatively neutral presence. If it wasn’t true, DJT just pointed a big finger at himself. It’s possible that DJT perceived Comey as a representative of these “Deep State” forces that are allegedly ranged against him, or that he was just childishly outraged at the fact of the investigation — but in any case it creates an unnecessary uprorar. There are commentators who are already asking whether this was designed to distract from the health care discussion — but most think he isn’t that smart.

          • Comey could come out and simply say, what the President said I told him three times, I never told him.

            • If I were him, I’d be very worried right now. I would say nothing unless subpoenaed / under oath.

              • Which is probably what he’ll do.

              • So frustrating and frightening, because I’ve read so many articles, editorials, etc., (and tried to figure it out for myself) and no one has come up with a plan or strategy to ensure the continued independence of the FBI investigation other than we need to get Republicans on board who actually care about our democracy.

                • I think that’s right. And the record on this is not good. I looked at the GOP votes on the Nixon articles of impeachment several weeks ago — even though the evidence was clear, a majority of his party still went on supporting him.

  4. It is getting bizarrer and bizarrer. The man played right into his hands and now he gets the axe as the Russia ties are investigated? That’s as good as an admission. I am hoping it is only a matter of time until 45 gets impeached. As sad and frightening as it is – it is a true Schmierenkomödie.

    • And then Pence would step up, wouldn’t he? Is he a better alternative?

      • eeeek. Ok, I haven’t thought this through. I better go back in my box and stay out of American politics.

        • Not at all. I wonder myself…

          This very brief respite after the French election, and unfortunately, only that – brief. Still shudder to think about German election in September and those AfD plonkers who still have actual supporters!?

        • Trump would be succeeded by Pence, who is a very far Right conservative but not insane. I wouldn’t be a fan but at least we would have a less erratic president. I can’t imagine Pence wants to be president (or he would have run in that huge field of GOP candidates) though I imagine he would not resign. If he did, next in line is the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan). That would be a huge disaster. He’d end the social safety net in the US. He’s on record as wanting to get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA. It would more or less destroy the private insurance market as well, insofar as all those people would then end up on the bills of the people who pay for their own …

  5. Yes Serv…you can just say!!!!! Lol!😫🤤

    • LOL. I tried to say as neutrally as possible: THIS IS NUTS! NUTS!

      That’s why I have a blog, so I can just say. Thankfully 🙂

  6. i truly did not expect that, i’m trained to just let the news in and out through my system as they drone on but i went, wait hang on, what?? Orson Wells had almost nothing on this guy… What will it take? 😦

    • My FB feed was one solid “I didn’t expect that at all” and “is DJT really that stupid?”

  7. Otherwise i really really really don’t even want to think about the word elections (which is why i have been trying to drone out the news :-(()

  8. This is just so far out. I didn’t think I could hold any more of my breath, but it seems I’ll be needing massive lungs.

  9. Speachless…
    On croit faire un cauchemar en apprenant les nouvelles venant des USA en ce moment. Et un peu partout, c’est la même chose, malheureusement.

    • it’s not dying down, either … I’ve had to restrict my news consumption drastically the last two days because I’ve started to worry about my sanity.

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