~ by Servetus on May 17, 2017.

30 Responses to “#richardarmitage”

  1. Can you believe that photo is 13 years old and to me he doesn’t seem to have aged at all.

    I, on the other hand, have.

  2. Oh ja….

  3. Thank you. I needed this!

  4. Is this self-medication, Serv? If yes, then write a prescription for me! Also Berlin Station is on Movie Channel in Canada (it’s an extra paid channel so I don’t get it) and my hometown paper had a brief write up with some Richard quotations.

    • yeah, last night was bad. I have got to make myself stop watching political news, I fear.

      but great news that Canada finally has Berlin Station and everyone is learning about Armitage!

  5. Mmmmmh, always good to see Trainstation Thornton again!!!

  6. Bellissimo. And yet I would not noticed him without his voice. At last I nave seen n&s dubbed. Not so awful, but…

    • ooh, yeah. You need to see the undubbed version sometime.

      • Thank you for the answer. I own the DVD, in english, with english subtitles, so actually I watched it, a couple of times. For week, but I can stop when I want. I heard a lot of complaints about the italian version, while my mother in law thinks that is nice, so I was curious.

  7. And she hits the floor… thud…

  8. He is luscious on this picture and still he looks marvelous, but I must disagree, he has aged, not enough to notice but yes, he has. He is still luscious and handsome. Marvelous role for him and the picture is unique and a happy Thornton. Like a lot of us he is blessed with good aging genes..lol

  9. I just fell in love all over again.

  10. Mr. Richard Armitage is exquisite, handsome

  11. I think that the main way in which he seems older to me is that his face has become progressively thinner and more angular … but I still don’t think he looks his age. (I know cRAmerry disagrees 🙂 ).

    • Did I say this? 😬 I’m obviously talking too much….

      • I just try to remember my friends’ opinions 🙂

        • 😂 Ich möchte jetzt gerne mit den Worten Adenauers antworten: “Was kümmert mich mein dummes Geschwätz von gestern?”
          Ich kann mich ehrlich nicht mehr entsinnen und fasse zusammen: er sieht so alt aus, wie er ist und nicht jünger?

          • that’s what I understood you to be saying. 🙂

            • Was hältst du davon, dass ich dir ein wenig entgegenkommen und zugebe, dass er schon gute Gene hat?

              • Sure 🙂 It’s not the kind of difference of opinion that really upsets me, though. You can think he looks 45 if you want 🙂

                • Das hätte mich auch schwer gewundert, wenn du dich von solchen Kleinigkeiten beeinflussen lassen würdest. Gehab’ dich wohl! Begebe mich zur Nacht 😴

    • Sa perte de poids n’a rien à voir avec son vieillissement. Je penserai plutôt l’inverse, il veut maigrir pour paraître plus jeune.
      Cela revient à vouloir résoudre le problème de géométrie sur la quadrature du cercle: “To square the circle”. Impossible, irrésolvable car plus il maigrit plus ses rides apparaissent. Mais la silhouette est celle d’une personne plus jeune. La dysharmonie restera quant à la couleur des cheveux colorés: le noir corbeau de JT, les racines blanchissantes d’une barbe de trois jours dans Ocean 8… I prefer the look of mister-ten-years-older Clooney!

      • yes, I imagine looking younger was the goal, but it didn’t really have that effect on his face. I do think the lankier look made his whole appearance for Love, Love, Love more believable (as the young Kenneth), though.

        • 🙂 Sure! May be he adopted the typical diet of a “veggie” menu with proteins of vegetable origin and pills.

          I am still working on D Moisi interviews (11511 words) but yet my “fan-tasy” email is able to receive messages. Soon, I will send the final text with only few mistakes, on ” Servetus: About + Contact. Would it be OK?

  12. Ah, Mr Thornton! I really needed that, thank you!

  13. The emotions that gaze conveys, sigh!

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