Does Richard Armitage own a piece of rock history?

Interesting article on the breakup of a crisis period for The Strokes (lead singer: Julian Casablancas, who owned Armitage’s place previously). Casablancas was said to have purchased the condo in 2005 — about in the middle of this narrative.

~ by Servetus on May 18, 2017.

9 Responses to “Does Richard Armitage own a piece of rock history?”

  1. Thanks! What a really interesting read of the blunt circumsstances, though I had some difficulties to piece the statements of all those (obviously) involved, together. Loved the Strokes records! Have friends who are longtime fans of Ryan Adams, but somehow I never warmed to him! Maybe this explains ….. Wonder if Casablancas had to sell the condo?


    • I don’t really follow the band, but I remember the real estate articles saying at the time that the other Strokes members sold out in NYC at the same time. So maybe it was a coordinated move?

      But the carrying costs on that condo (apart from the mortgage, condo fees, etc.) were something like $2k a month when Armitage bought it, so it’s not really the place for anyone who is struggling financially.


      • Especially if one is not all too often at home…… 😉 Yeah, that sounds like an awful lot of money!


        • it’s one of those things people in NYC do without blinking but seems odd to the rest of us; this is one reason that condos are not very popular in the US. If you’re paying a monthly fee for services anyway, most people would prefer to rent, but the NYC property market is exceptional in so many regards.


          • …there are loads of bucks in NYC!!! Yeah, it’s all special on a big scale. Albeit, as you know, I’m used to live in (Germany’s most) an expensive city.


            • I always heard the issue with your city was just finding ANY place to live.


              • Oh well, it’s that and that the rents are exorbitantly expensive (haha..usually due to not enough living space!). For buying a small 1-Familienhaus you have to pay at least 1 million € ! Going out for dinner or drinks is pretty costly as well, though not in comparison to NYC!! 😉


  2. Why don’t I see the reference. Read the article twice, still can’t see where it makes references to the selling of a condo? Did I miss something?


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