~ by Servetus on May 18, 2017.

16 Responses to “#richardarmitage”

  1. I would love to see this film.


  2. That, or be his dance partner…


    • what about…both? 😛 no actually, I leave the dancing to someone else and take the film, I’m not much of a dancer. would be happy enough of I could just see Urban and the shed crew…but come to think of it: watching it together with Richard Armitage and THEN talk about the film for hours – that would be an item on the hopelessly crazy wish list 😉

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      • “Things I would do if I met RA face to face” — invite him to watch one of his films with me …?


  3. Where did this movie go?


    • I wish we knew. Every now and then there’s a cryptic tweet from Candida Brady, but it surely it is not this hard to enter a film in festivals.


  4. I too would love to see this one. I even read the book!


  5. Oh the thought of this dance with him? Whew! Did it get hot in here??? Anyone need a cold drink???


  6. Sigh… I finally want to see this already!


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