Danes can pre-order Pilgrimage now #richardarmitage

Here. About two weeks ahead of release in the U.S.

~ by Servetus on May 19, 2017.

12 Responses to “Danes can pre-order Pilgrimage now #richardarmitage”

  1. With so much focus on Bernthal and Holland of late I am so happy to see that RA is one of the featured characters on the DVD cover. 😊


  2. Does this mean there won’t be a theatrical release, straight to DVD?


    • As far as I know, there are no plans for a Region 1 DVD. In North America they are planning a simultaneous theatrical release to coincide with VOD and streaming availability (so the theatrical release will probably be small and limited to very large cities).


  3. Hmm, the IMDb release dates are not too promising. Didn’t find anything on Amazon or HMV either 😕 regarding UK release. Maybe need to check an Irish site…
    (Also surprised that Berlin Station 1 not yet out on DVD.)


    • StudioCanal bought distribution rights for the UK; they may not be planning on a DVD release as of yet (or till after broadcast).


  4. Blimey! It’s hard to get to that man !!! 😉 😀 😦


  5. Pre-order only. Had hoped for a big screen. Perhaps it’s believed a Lutheran majority won’t be interested in Catholic relics and pilgrimages. If so, the assumption is mistaken. Nevertheless, I’m pre-ordering. I want to see this👍


    • I wonder how Lutheran the Danes really are. My view on this is skewed by (a) being an American; we register religiosity really differently than Europeans and (b) the fact that all my Danish friends are clergy.


      • Well, (a) you’re absolutely spot on, (b) LOL.
        Lutheran in a kinda non-committing way, I guess. We pay to the church via taxes, and if you’re not Lutheran, you would have to fill in a form stating you don’t want to pay church tax to a public office. But we do take Christmas and Easter fairly seriously.
        Either way, most Lutheran Danes a quite satisfied going to church just once or twice a year. We’re a fairly care-free bunch in terms of religion – most of us 🙂


        • I feel like there’s such a thing as “culturally Lutheran,” although it would be hard to define.


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