#richardarmitage #oops

The Sontaran from Doctor Who is back in the Richard Armitage alerts in spades. Between leaking and special counsel, how could it be any different? Sigh.

~ by Servetus on May 19, 2017.

7 Responses to “#richardarmitage #oops”

  1. I saw his movie! Well, the documentary film in wich he’s involved. And yes, he looks really like a sontaran.


    • It was something a fan said a long time ago (like in 2005 or so) — the original post has long since disappeared. I resent that this guy is allowed to have the same name!


  2. But he is actually a spy, isn’t he? Only read his biography on wikipedia made me cringe.


    • Yeah — he worked for the CIA for a long time (I made a joke about this on April Fools Day, because the CIA Armitage is actually a character in a contemporary play — i.e., Armitage could play Armitage). He’s most notorious for leaking the identity of another CIA operative, Valerie Plame, although someone else took the blame for it (Scooter Libby). He’s been in the news a lot in the last two days because of the appointment of a Special Counsel by the US Justice Department — the last time that happened, he was the person being investigated.


  3. I can’t unsee this now that you said it. Yup, guy most likely to sell out Daniel Miller if he doesn’t fall in line.


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