Nat’s Richard Armitage blog is back!

[and she did have another kid. Well, I thought she might. Congratulations!]

Check it out, here.

~ by Servetus on May 23, 2017.

6 Responses to “Nat’s Richard Armitage blog is back!”

  1. HAHA! Serv, you kill me. Every time i’ve announced another baby, you seem confused and say, “But I thought you were going to stop!” like WHY, NATALIE, WHYYY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT TO YOURSELF!? The answer is that I must be a baby hoarder or something! My #5 is actually 18 months old now, so she’s more like a toddler and is such a handful that she has finally cured me of my hoarding ways. Instead of being sad that she reaches a new phase (like I was with the others) I am relieved! 🙂


    • I guess for me people divide themselves into two groups on this issue, and you and I are in different ones. You are in the “I like having kids!” group and I’m in the “I love that other people are having children!” group. (waves in a friendly way). But yeah, although I admire the reproducing population’s stamina and optimism and altruism and all those things, I admit that at my very core, I do wonder why people want to reproduce. If it makes you happy, though, you should do it!


      • I joke about collecting babies, but it all seriousness, it’s actually a spiritual thing for us too. We feel like each of our children were meant to come to our family. Although raising kids is hard and CRAZY, it is also very fulfilling. I love those little buggers so much, I sometimes feel like my heart will burst! 🙂 Plus, it’s an investment for future grandbabies. I hear they’re better than kids. 😉


        • I definitely get it. (Vicariously, anyway — I understand why you would feel that way.) And I love my nieces. Just … I dunno. I’m not maternal in that way. I don’t have anything like a dream or a feeling that I was destined to have kids. I never dreamed about my wedding or played with dolls either, and I stopped babysitting as soon as it was possible to earn money in other ways. It’s all good. You should absolutely have all the kids who are meant to belong to your family!


  2. NAT !! Love to hear that you’re back. 🙂
    I thought being in a huge family was the greatest. HAVING a huge family — not so much. Things are so different now than when my parents had kids. You could make a decent life on one salary.
    I love/hate being a mom. It’s complicated. My youngest is now 10.
    But I love hearing that some people feel happy and fulfilled having a good sized family of their own. All power to you.


    • I was at my uncle’s 80th birthday today — his second wife (his first died) has 12 children and I don’t even know how many descendants; she became a great-great-grandmother this week. She seems really happy with how her life worked out.


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