I guess I’ll have to get Netflix again

~ by Servetus on May 27, 2017.

32 Responses to “I guess I’ll have to get Netflix again”

  1. Not sure if I will like it but synchronisation – why not.


    • It has the advantage that I have no preconceptions (good or bad) about it at all. Well, except that I usually don’t care for vampire stories but they are all the rage.


  2. Maybe Brain on Fire and Castlevania will air at the same time. That’s worth $7.99.


  3. I saw the trailer, and the person who shared it was like, “Is that Richard Armitage’s voice at the end?” and I was like YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT THAT IS OMG.


  4. so is this animated?


  5. I find video games beyond boring but my 21 yr daughter loves them and she loves manga and anime. Recently she convinced me to sit down and watch all the episodes of the Deathnote and I actually quite liked it. And Samurai Jack is a little strange but also stunningly beautiful to watch. Castlevania looks very appealing to me. I think I will have to get Netflix too! But first I’m going to read your recommended The Return.


  6. When does this start??? Me and the sibs and Spawn have played Castlevania since the beginning of time!!!


  7. Well, a few (very dubious) thoughts: At 0:53 on the trailer RA posted, that profile is quite a bit like our boy. Also, when I first heard the trailer this morning, I thought the H in the pronunciation of the word ‘who’ll’ reminded me of Francis when he started to speak in Hannibal. I thought it was RA’s voice for sure until I saw the posting of the rest of the cast and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t be included . My son told me he thinks the character who is after Dracula in the game is named Simon. Anyone else know? Finally (relevant to absolutely nothing….) yesterday I saw somewhere that May 26, 1897, was the date Bram Stoker’s Dracula was first published – 120 years ago! Yes, I’ll be watching. I wouldn’t if I could help myself, but I’m still at that early, pathetic stage. 🙂


  8. Just saw trailer. The voice at the end … has to be him. Also, I agree the hands at the beginning, got to be. And the clincher. I know I’ve seen that brown shirt before, somewhere. 🙂 Netflix has a huge presence at SDCC, maybe he’ll be on a panel. Yikes, getting a little carried away.

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  9. I’m kind of thrilled. This is not my usual, favourite type of genre/anime, but my son is very much into these types of cartoons, and also manga, which he draws himself.


  10. I love his voice and I like Anime – so I have to sign for netflix too…..


  11. I was wrong thinking that noticeably he tends towards vegetarianism . Definitely his diet food would procure access to sufficient and adequate red meat with blood food nice-size portions.. MI-5 Spooks (The scene on the roof), Hannibal Red dragon, Pilgrimage (the scenes of decapitation massacre)


  12. YES.


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