Yet another Audies nomination for Richard Armitage

Here, for David Copperfield. My money’s on Homegoing, though, or The Underground Railroad (which I haven’t read, but which won the Pulitzer Prize). Armitage is a great narrator but the material is sub-standard and too familiar.

~ by Servetus on May 28, 2017.

9 Responses to “Yet another Audies nomination for Richard Armitage”

  1. I think a win might have been more likely in the Male Narrator category than in the Literary Fiction and Classics.


  2. Noticed on the “Performances” rating of the Literary Fiction and Classics category, “David Copperfield” was the only nominee to receive 5 stars. All other nominees received 4.5 stars.


    • I don’t think it’s about that, though. I think it ends up being about the literary quality of the project in question, not really so much about the narration. Canonical classics are rarely nominated in this category and when they are, they don’t win. Also, and I apologize for saying this: Richard Armitage’s fans flood those ratings and our reactions are not objective. I’d give Scarlett Johansson a chance just because she is so universally loved, but Armitage is a relative unknown reading a book not many people like that much in competition with a Pulitzer Prize winning book, a book many consider one of the best novels in English in the decade (Homegoing — excellent work), and of course, Louise Erdrich, who is a prestige author in the U.S.


      • Barry Jenkins, le réalisateur oscarisé de Moonlight devrait porter The Underground Railroad à l’écran.
        Encore un bon film en perspective§


        • it’s won sooo many awards; I’m sure it will be a great film. I haven’t read it because I find the general premise annoying. But it has gotten near universal praise.


  3. I haven’t finished David Copperfield yet, but I am truly enjoying it, and think he did a fabulous job! With that said, I haven’t paid attention to win patterns with Audie categories, so I’m sure what you say has merit.

    I listened to both Underground Railroad and Homecoming. I liked UGR, but I LOVED Homecoming! The premise was so novel, and the plot and characters very absorbing. I felt I learned so much without having it crammed down my throat- good balance between very difficult, painful sections and others more hopeful. From my experience so far w/Copperfield, I would be thrilled if he wins for it, but if Homecoming wins, I certainly can’t argue with that. A very strong category.


    • I just adored that book. I don’t know that I’m right — just think that Homegoing is going to have a lot of energy behind it because it’s so good, and UGR because it won the Pulitzer Prize.

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