A Castlevania / Richard Armitage update


~ by Servetus on May 29, 2017.

13 Responses to “A Castlevania / Richard Armitage update”

  1. This might actually be one my hubby would get into too. He really liked Underworld with vampires and such … although the main attraction might have been Kate Beckinsale!


  2. If he is a lead wonder why so far down in the cast list.


    • has anyone said he was a lead? if so, I didn’t notice it.


      • Assumed since he was the man who killed Dracula he would be the lead knowing nothing about the game 😉


        • I don’t either — but I gather the stories are different in different iterations of the game (see the wikipedia article) with some characters taking on larger or smaller roles.


  3. Graham McTavish is in as well. And Matt Frewer-Max Headroom – that brought back memories.

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  4. As someone who went through a Castlevania phase when I was younger, seeing fellow RA fans getting into it now has been both surreal and squee-worthy. ❤ So excited to see this!


    • I did a double take this weekend when I saw Castlevania in my RL FB feed — turns out that one of the bartenders at my favorite bar in Florida is a huge fan. Crossover!!


      • That’s so awesome! And potentially fun conversations with said bartender when the series gets released. 😀 I was spreading the trailer before I even learned RA was in it. Didn’t realize it was his voice when I first listened, my friends and I were just like “HELL YEAH, CASTLEVANIA!” And then I read RA fans talking about him being in it and we all had to relisten and go “SHIT WHY DIDN’T WE REALIZE EARLIER THAT IS SO HIM.” Hype factor’s so high at this point!


        • I’m sure he’ll want to tell me all about it! (I’m hoping this is more like the RA fandom encounter with the Hannibal fandom, though, as opposed to the Hobbit fandom. Then again I haven’t heard anyone complaining about this casting, so …).


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