ICYMI: Castlevania to be R-rated

I’m just getting caught up on this. Here.

~ by Servetus on May 31, 2017.

27 Responses to “ICYMI: Castlevania to be R-rated”

  1. For some reason, I’m actually excited about this show. Looks dark and edgy.

  2. Cool.

  3. I’m not sure there’s much else to expected from a vampire story …

  4. i am a tiny bit excited to see Castlevania and to hear Mr. Richard Armitage speak, but i am very disappointed that it is one of those animation series/movie.

    • I suspect he might have really wanted to do this kind of thing, if not specifically this show — he’s said that Pixar movies are a guilty pleasure for him.

  5. Vampires do nothing for me (they are boring, except Dracula and Van Helsing movies- they are fun), but will watch it.

  6. I read someplace that the aborted film or some other part of the series actually opened with ” humorous” discussions of bestiality. That ought to garner an R, violence aside.

    • Hmmm. Well, the Wisconsin countryside does not laugh at this kind of thing. Guess I’ll be expanding my horizons once again …

      • Hope it doesn’t get your goat, ha ha ha.

        • LOL. What people object to around here, concretely and unsurprisingly, is sex with cows. (The cows don’t like it, either, evidently.) There was a big television exposé here a few weeks ago about a guy who can’t stay away. They arrest him and commit him for a while, and release him, and he gets right back to it. The law doesn’t really cover situations like this — they issue some kind of restriction preventing him from entering dairy barns and he ignores them. The therapists say that he he is at huge risk of recidivism but legally they have to release him. I think they did the report essentially to alert people in case they see the guy lurking around.

          • Affected farmers should chip in and get him his own cow.

            • For better or for worse, I think that solution would also run afoul of the animal rights folks.

              • Probably, but the authorities haven’t nailed him for animal cruelty.

                • I think there’s an applicable statute, though — it’s a misdemeanor if I remember correclty from the TV report. I assume buying an animal for the purposes of committing a misdemeanor would also be illegal?

                  • I read that as “applicable statue” – could that be the answer? 🙂

                  • I became interested in this. At first, I wondered why the cows would mind – whether it could be considered animal cruelty.

                    • I sadly have no idea about what goes on in the mind of a cow; however, dairy cows are notoriously sensitive. Back in the days of hand milking they let down different amounts of milk depending on who was milking them; they don’t like loud noises; they apparently like particular types of calming music. I can ask my SIL who works in a milking parlor if she has any additional insight.

            • but: LOL!

              • I checked out some You Tube videos of cows mating with bulls and to my surprise, ( I have too much time on my hands) I can see where a human male’s “member” might be more than a cow is ready for. I was surprised at how relatively small and narrow a bull is. Might even call it a pinky dick. Nothing like a a horse.

                • well, it’s a very important piece of knowledge for a certain population segment. I’ve never watched a cow being bred, but the other thing that occurs to me is the cow’s estrus — the cow probably won’t stand still for it unless she’s in heat. In which case it’s possible that the farmer would rather breed the cow himself (with a bull, or artificially) than have a human interfere and get the cow all angry.

  7. i wish that they would of did Castlevania like Van Helsing, Bram Stoker’s Dracula,etc. It would of been wonderful to see Mr. Richard Armitage in period costumes/clothes and to fight/use the sword again.

  8. Well since so many of us are enthralled with “the voice” I think I shall be watching this, especially since I already have Netflix. Always did love those vampires! and anything else gothic.

  9. i am a fan of pixar and walt disney animations/movies. What i meant to say was that i don’t like the japanese animation/cartoon and that is what castlevania is. But i will still watch because it has vampires and it has Mr. Richard Armitage.

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