Richard Armitage tweets from Sleepwalker!

~ by Servetus on June 7, 2017.

24 Responses to “Richard Armitage tweets from Sleepwalker!”

  1. That really looks pretty good I must say. Very sleek, interesting tonal quality. Oh, and Armitage is channelling Daniel Miller coughs. (Or maybe it was the other way ’round…)


  2. Wow, to be honest I never expect to see a trailer after this long time!


  3. Reblogged this on Unkraut vergeht nicht….oder doch? and commented:

    Der erste Trailer für Richard Armitage’s Film ‘Sleepwalker’ ist da und sieht gar nicht mal sooo uninteressant aus….bis auf die hysterische Frau und den Bart 😉


  4. I really want to see this one. Much more so than BOF.


  5. this is the one that always looked the most appealing to me but I gave up hope of it ever being released. so finally seeing a trailer for it is a bit surreal!


    • I never really looked at the distributor even when it was announced — it looks like they maybe do two films a year? So at that rate, it could still be a while 🙂


  6. Someday he is going to move away from the wall and have a sex scene on a bed.😀


  7. Oooh…very good!!!! Is he “Jonathan” in this film??? I can’t remember…
    BTW, he’s really good on the wall …lol! 😶


  8. Ooh. That is really creepy! Assuming it comes to the theatre, I’d have to make sure no one is sitting behind me… or I’d be constantly looking over my shoulder!


  9. Dass wir das noch erleben dürfen! 🙂
    Obwohl – ich wage kaum zu hoffen, dass ich wirklich einen Film in dem RA eine wichtige Rolle spielt (Alice habe ich mir nicht angeschaut.) in unserem Kino zu sehen bekomme. Diesen Film hatte ich tatsächlich überhaupt nicht mehr auf dem Schirm. Scott White… schön wärs.


    • Oceans 8? I think there won’t be much of a theatrical release for this film — it’s another niche market / arthouse special. But it seems possible, if they have a trailer, that there will be a DVD at least.


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