Favorite song?? This is impossible

The current “Mach was” is “do something with a favorite song.” This is really hard. I have no idea. I didn’t want to turn this into the “library” thing where I just kept posting and posting.

Favorite song currently on constant repeat at my café:

Favorite song in an ad for a state I don’t especially like:

Song without which I would not have survived dissertation writing (1997-98):

Favorite down-tempo German pop song (accept no covers!):

Favorite song from 1978 that I still love to hear:

Favorite up-tempo German pop song:

Favorite hard bop jazz song:

Mom’s favorite standard:

My favorite standard played by my favorite jazz pianist of the twentieth century:

Favorite nineteenth-century German art song:

Favorite pop song in 1980:

Favorite nineteenth-century French art song:

Favorite song of those I heard tonight driving home:

Favorite pop song in 1985:

Favorite English art song that I played seventy-seven times for music competitions in the late 1980s but still like:

Favorite pop song written in 7/4:


Favorite sixteenth-century English madrigal:

Favorite pop song from when I was living in Missouri (1999-2001):


Favorite aria from Bach’s Matthew Passion:

Song that got me through the summer mom died:

Favorite song in a Hobbit movie:

Favorite cheesy song from a Broadway musical:

Late maternal grandmother’s favorite popular song:

Only song I have ever performed on stage as a soloist (this is Julie Andrew singing, not me):


Favorite song we sang at Girl Scout camp:

Favorite non-liturgical Jewish song:

Favorite song from a musical I was in (I played Amaryllis):

Favorite liturgical Jewish song:

Favorite 1950s pop song:

Favorite piece of Mexican folklore that became a US pop song:

Favorite Cuban song that is slightly revolutionary:

Favorite song from the 90s:

Favorite 1970s song with an unforgettable horn / sax riff:


~ by Servetus on June 8, 2017.

22 Responses to “Favorite song?? This is impossible”

  1. Wow, what a list. That’s got my day sorted! Fantastic range. I still listen to lots of Al Stewart – I didn’t realise he was even known outside the uk. I’m looking forward to hearing lots of pieces new to me. Thanks!


    • I love Year of the cat of Al Stewart and I bought the album with my pocket money at that time. Now I will hear the music once again


    • Time Passages and Year of the Cat were both top ten hits in the US. For the first 8 years of school I rode an hour on the bus to and and another hour from school and the driver always listened to top 40, hence my familiarity. Stewart had some other hits here, too, but none as bit as those.


  2. Wonderfully eclectic list!
    I still listen to Graceland from time to time. I love that album.
    ‘Solsbury Hill’ and ‘Two Princes’ are favourites too.
    My favourite Music Man song is ‘Goodnight My Someone’… I played Zaneeta as a teen!


    • Paul Simon is definitely in the small group of artists that I listen to for the album as opposed to the song — I’ve loved almost all his solo albums.

      I guess the royalties for Music Man must have been affordable when we were teens, LOL. But it’s such a singable musical.

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  3. You are absolutely right, this is impossible. Me too I associate some songs with some circumstances in my life and they are very different. During my dissertation writing I have heard a lot of Andreas Vollenweider (caverna magica), for example, and the song The Reason (Hoobastank) evokes so many memories of my stay in the USA.


    • Vollenweider would be great for dissertating, I think. Very calming. It’s interesting how a particular song gets associated with a certain period, moment or place and then one can never hear it without making those associations. I eliminated five or six albums from my collection for that reason — I didn’t want to be reminded or tempted to remember.


  4. Amazing. Some of my favorites are here too, but I’m looking forward to checking out the rest.


    • definitely fun to see what others listen to. I had a lot of music lessons as a child — very much expanded my horizons.


  5. Sir Duke is one of the best songs of all time. I was lucky to see Stevie Wonder live about a year and a half ago and he had the hugest band onstage with him. I mean massive. Those horns just about blew the roof off the place and it was one of the best music moments of my whole life. And I got to share it with my teenage son, which was even better!


    • Yeah, that wall of sound and the funky rhythm — definitely an achievement. And I’m not even sure it’s his best song.


  6. Writing this I was a bit surprised how “lovey” these songs are. I don’t think of myself as the romantic type but maybe I displace it into music 🙂

    Also, I was reading this article today:


    about the best Broadway songs of the last 40 years (essentially: my lifetime). Most of them I am unfamiliar with, and a lot of the ones I know I don’t like (“Memory,” for instance, which I may have played seven million times as an accompanist), but I had forgotten about “Our Time.” We sang that in HS choir and I’ve always liked it. In any case, Sondheim is definitely not as overrated as Andrew Lloyd-Weber.


  7. Superstition?


  8. Yeah…..it’s hard to choose for me!


    • part of what made this hard. I’d think of a song by the Smiths that I really liked, and then think, well, is that my favorite song of theirs? Or Prince?


  9. Ah, what a great list and lots of new music for me too.
    Thanks so much for participating!!!


  10. Nice selection!!! And yeah, I’m struggling on where to begin as well…


  11. Such a great list. Cool! Now I will have an “Ohrwurm” (is there a english word when there is a song stuck in your mind?) for the rest of the day…If you’ll be my bodyguard, I can be your long lost pal, I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me you can call me Al


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