Berlin Station has an instagram story #richardarmitage

This kind of promotion annoys me no end, frankly, but whatever. If you want tweets, why don’t you fricken tweet? Here are two screen shots. Thanks to Lily for the alert. (If you haven’t looked at your instagram forever because frankly it is the most boring social media platform on the planet, this a story. Worth looking at because you get to see Richard Armitage pull out his phone as if it’s a gun. I guess.)

~ by Servetus on June 10, 2017.

20 Responses to “Berlin Station has an instagram story #richardarmitage”

  1. He looks a bit emaciated IMO. Hope he puts some weight on.


    • yeah, I would not have said it was possible for him to look thinner. I suppose he knows what he’s doing, though. Or maybe he’s just eating all the time with Michelle Forbes so he has to restrict his diet.


  2. In light of the fact that fans tweeted lots of questions, yet @BerlinStation doesn’t seem to make any effort to come up with their side of the bargain (i.e. responses by whoever – I mean, they haven’t even specified who will answer the questions), I have to agree with you that this kind of promotion is really annoying. Once again I feel taken the piss of, for actually having gone to the trouble of thinking up – and tweeting – questions. They have a dubious approach to Social Media marketing… I feel put off.


    • Yeah, to me, one of the essential for social media (which I keep harping on, I know) is that it provides something of value to the participants. I don’t get what the value added here is. I remember the first disastrous WB twitter Q&A for TH — they answered 3 questions in about three hours — but it’s 2017. Honestly, they could hire me and I’d do a better job than whoever is doing it for them.

      re: questions — I don’t have any questions that aren’t pointed / predecessors to polemics. My experience over the years is that they take questions that produce repetitive answers, and in a way they can’t avoid that b/c they have to be answered in 140 char.


      • So far, the only added value is for them – getting their hashtag and their @ mentions racked up. While that is part of the motivation for having a promo Twitter account, there is not much point in calling for fans to send in questions when they haven’t got a plan on how to answer them. Plus, they are risking serious displeasure if they are not keeping their side of the bargain. Mind you – they did say “your question might be chosen”. Conditional… I really do wonder who is responsible for promotional Twitter accounts. They should leave it to the professionals.
        When it comes to questions – I usually don’t reply to calls for questions. Mainly because I have never had a submission answered when I did try, so my conclusion has been that I haven’t got the light touch that is needed… As for the kind of questions they tend to choose: Repetitive, yes, and also stuff that refers to their project only (no point in asking for book recommendations from Mr A and such), and usually Qs that can be answered in one sentence. Which doesn’t really make for exciting reading. But well, I always live in hope…


  3. So many questionmarks!!!! What is this???


  4. i agree, Mr. Richard Armitage does look thinner, more thinner than berlin station season 1, and what is up with his hair?( the top picture) the sides are shaved and it shows his natural hair color, but the top of his head, it looks like somebody took black shoe polish and rubbed it on the top of his head or used that hair in a can( that product you spray on your head to cover the bald spots/ make your hair look fuller. maybe it is the lighting in that room, but it does not look right.


    • the current theory is they’re trying to make him look like he’d fit in in the German right radical scene (skinheads), based on the bts pictures we saw. So they may indeed have enhanced his hair somehow to hide that in these photos.


    • I agree, I think it is some form of “hair in a can” spray product liberally applied! All tricks of the trade I guess.


  5. Regarding the questions, they can keep their form of promoting. They will only answer what and how and what sounds most beneficial to Berlin station, which is the whole point of promotion. Reg RA being thin – yeah he is thin again, he seems to go up and down depending on the roles he plays as with his hair changes with each role. He is like a chameleon. I guess you have to be in his business. Got to admit he looks great for his age!


    • Yeah, they just won’t have us helping them out, which is the point of social media: word of mouth. Influencing.


  6. They responded yesterday and said they’ve picked a selection of questions and the answers will be revealed at a later date. Looks like it will be a video 🙂


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