Chris Naylor has written about LAMDA ’98 #richardarmitage

This is a retrospective (by questionnaire) of Richard Armitage’s class at LAMDA. He promises a part two. Hmm, that Hair picture?

~ by Servetus on June 10, 2017.

11 Responses to “Chris Naylor has written about LAMDA ’98 #richardarmitage”

  1. This has been quite a week for new-to-me RA info. It was great to see his pic in the yearbook. Interested in part 2. Thanks


    • There’s an earlier post on that same blog, about one of their movement teachers, that includes a lengthy remark from Armitage.


  2. Really interesting. Thanks.


    • You’re welcome. To me, this is really the most interesting phase of Armitage’s life.


      • Do you think he’s the one who read The Hobbit and watched Fame?
        I also can imagine a bit what it might have been like. I went to an alternative high school of around 100 people for a couple of years. We did Theatre Arts and I remember the exercises we did in a big room with the drama teacher. We put on a play called Spoon River Anthology. We really bonded with each other and the small group of teachers.


        • I love Spoon River Anthology (originally a poetry collection). One of my faves as a teenager.

          It’s fun to speculate about who he might be, no? If I were him I probably wouldn’t have answered or would have asked that my answers not be shared publicly. I also thought “I thought it was the only thing I could do well” might have been him.

          But I remember watching Fame, too, and being impressed. Wishing I could go to a high school like that.

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          • I should have mentioned, too, that it was the musical version that we performed. My friend and I were the singers (chorus, I suppose). Great memories.
            Yes, interesting to speculate. I’m looking forward to part two. (Hope you’ll link to it again!)


  3. Thanks for sharing this. The questions and answers were really interesting. It’s fun to speculate if any of the replies are his. I would guess the Hobbit comment would be his, although their may have been someone else that was inspired by it. Also the Fame thing might have led to him to his preforming arts high school. Do you recall RA referring to Fame? I don’t, but my RA fact retention is lower than the success rate for actors.


    • no, if that were him, it would be a new fact. And exactly as you say, it could definitely relate to him bugging his mom about the performing arts school, although it seemed to me from the timeline that he must have met the Pattisons people fairly early on, too.


  4. Very enjoyable. I think anyone who has ever been interested or had a small part in any type of “show business” really understands the highs and the lows and the hopes in some of those comments…!


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