Interesting tangents

Here’s a piece on what it’s like to read one’s own audiobook.

And here’s a commentary on American Gods (Bryan Fuller’s latest project to appear on TV) that comments specifically on its “queer sensibility.” I think I probably won’t watch it because I found the book profound, and I can’t imagine that Fuller’s aesthetic insistence on obvious, bombastic exaggeration of everything (which I don’t think is specifically queer; it’s not like there’s no subtle queer aesthetic out there) would ruin it for me, but this situates the new work in Fuller’s previous oeuvre.

~ by Servetus on June 11, 2017.

7 Responses to “Interesting tangents”

  1. You aren’t wrong about American Gods. The production is full of ridiculous amounts of cg blood. Some of the characters are a bit…off (a few of the coming to America characters get to go on a side-quest road trip together, Anansi is more angry than cunning and charming) but Wednesday and Shadow are spot on and it holds to most of the book’s plot, choosing to add instead of subtract. It hasn’t ruined the book for me, but it is an interesting interpretation.


  2. The Michael Frank piece is interesting. And so well written it makes me think the book would be good. He says he was reading from an iPad. I think when we’ve seen RA, he’s doing it the old fashioned way, with marked up papers.
    I would think reading your own book would be harder in some ways, as you’d be almost too self-conscious. Until you find a way to distance yourself a bit as Frank did.


    • I would think it would be really hard — but I think I have tics as a reader that would be hard to get rid of. I don’t even like reading on an ereader, I couldn’t imagine reading out loud from one.

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      • I do prefer “real” books, although I read eBooks too. I like to go back and check things in earlier parts of a book and I can’t quite figure out how to easily do that with an electronic version.


  3. Hmm. I only gave American Gods the premier episode. I felt like BF bad out-fullered himself on every level. I’ll give it another shot, and try to get past the violence, and weirdness.


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