Richard Armitage was standing in the back all those years ago

Veloce asked Chris Naylor where Armitage was in those Hair photos. He replied by ringing Armitage’s face at the back of the crowd. Is the woman with the ring through her face Annabel Capper? I’m guessing that must be David Oyelowo in front.


~ by Servetus on June 13, 2017.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage was standing in the back all those years ago”

  1. Was it Chris Naylor who said Richard was the complete package, he could dance, act and sing? However from this photo it seems RA was hiding at the back? It must have been a shock to leave musical theatre because it felt ‘too fake’ to have to perform in ‘Hair’.


    • Hard to speculate. I think he has an inclination to stand in the back, but if he was playing a minor character then it would make sense for the tall people to stand in the back. That said, he also didn’t need any training in this type of thing as he’d been working in it forever, so I can imagine lots of potential contexts or attitudes here.


  2. I second that guess. I know that smile anywhere.


    • Well, to be fair, I drew that conclusion because he was the only person of African descent in his class, assuming Naylor posted everyone’s yearbook picture.


  3. I have a vivid recollection of my parents coming home from seeing ‘Hair’ in Montreal in 1970. My mum was so shocked because some of the performers were in the audience naked! Apparently, that was not the costuming used by LAMDA!😀


    • I haven’t seen the musical but that is the one thing I know about it: there’s a scene where the players are naked. I imagine the LAMDA people just didn’t memorialize that particular scene.

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