I’m speechless

It would not be wise for me to say what’s on my mind at the moment. Out of a feeling of helplessness, my usual strategy besides prayer. As usual, please make sure any of these charities conform to your expectations:

Bangladesh flooding victims; among those hardest hit are Muslims from Myanmar / Burma who have been subjected to ongoing persecution from their own government and have fled to Bangladesh: Here.

London fire victims (these campaigns are said to have been vetted by JustGiving): Here.

Donate to charities benefiting from the Democratic / Republican baseball game (the congressmen are all very well insured, but we may want to see if we can support the family of the police officer who was shot today): Here.

~ by Servetus on June 14, 2017.

6 Responses to “I’m speechless”

  1. Thank you for the links. I’ve been sitting in shock today.


  2. Helpless, yes.
    These last months, weeks, days have been shocking and sad beyond words (again).


  3. I’ve had to opt out of a lot of media this summer. Focus on what I can influence in my little sphere and try to model optimism and hard work for my kids.
    Come take a road trip Serv, I’ll buy you dinner and we can walk by the river.


  4. Hard to know what to say, what to think at times like this.


  5. Comment on Praying for Bangladesh and for London.


  6. I would really like to look away, some days — today was one of those days. I’m sure there are many people who wish they could wake up tomorrow and have it be Wednesday to do over again …


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