Helmut Kohl has died

From the Süddeutsche Zeitung. An often under-estimated visionary. A lover of Saumagen. A man thrust into unanticipated circumstances in 1989. From the Misstrauensvotum to the CDU finance affair … so much to remember.

~ by Servetus on June 16, 2017.

15 Responses to “Helmut Kohl has died”

  1. Not trying to get too political here, but after 16 years of him as chancellor I was glad to see him finally leave office. 16 years is too long, but now we have Merkel going down the same route. maybe it’s a German thing 😉. I think it was the first national election in which I was allowed to vote back then when Schroeder became chancellor.

    Thanks for this btw – I stayed off the news for a bit and totally missed this.


    • I wasn’t a CDU supporter and I was in Germany for the 1998 election (they fell between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and I was busy being a cantor for the High Holidays — I was 29) and I remember and shared the general enthusiasm for a change. Nonetheless, I stand by what I said: there’s a lot of stuff to remember here.

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  2. President George Bush shared a heartfelt tribute to Chancellor Kohl. Back when leaders were statesmen…http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40308114


  3. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt died in 2015 and now Helmut Kohl. The Master who has control over the clocks and the calendar has done its damage inexorably.


  4. I never liked him or his party that much, but yes, there is a lot to remember. He was very much the German leader of my teenage (and later) years and, as he & I share a birthday and we have similar cheeks when grinning, my young brother used to dub me “Helmut Kohl” on occasion.


    • “die Gnade der späten Geburt” [ouch] is one of the main things I associate with him from the pre-1989 years (well, and the Bitburg cemetery episode). Still, a lot of those things look really different now than they did at the time.

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  5. For years I only knew Kohl, Pope Johannes Paul and Queen Elizabeth and now only the Queen is still here….strange!
    Kohl sure was a important person in our worlds history but also had his flaws.
    I watched a few interesting documantaries over the weekend and learned a lot of new things about politics and history and the people involved.
    And I thought a lot about how things could have turned out if some nowadays politicians would have been involved back then….


    • That thought has occurred to me as well — that many vilified politicians of the past (I think in particular of the second George Bush) look wildly rational in comparison to the leadership some of us have now.

      I figure the Queen has at least another decade.


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