New Richard Armitage Cybersmile selfie

Note that Armitage tweeted the same thing three times, then deleted two of the tweets.



~ by Servetus on June 16, 2017.

48 Responses to “New Richard Armitage Cybersmile selfie”

  1. Grrr he should have left them all up, in honor of making up for lost time ❤ ❤

  2. Quite spectacular too! imho 🙂

  3. In other news, apparently it’s my 3rd anniversary “blogging” with WordPress lol #TimeFlies

  4. A very pretty picture. It deserved to be tweeted 3 times!

  5. Oh dear, does that mean we are also getting another “letter from the editor”??? I mean, I enjoy the idea that he is communicating with his audience. It’s just that in recent years his cyberbullying epistles have always been… erm… controversial…

    • Every other year, there’s been advance publicity from CyberSmile if something is coming, so I’m hoping the lack of that this year means that all he’s going to say is what the said his tweet, which is uncontroversial. #badfan

  6. I have to say I am not a fan of his filtered selfie images; makes him look waxy IMO. It also raises underlying narcissism issues which I don’t find particularly appealing as a fan. But perhaps this is nothing unusual among tweeting actors nowadays, including older ones aged 40 plus?

    • I agree. Love the unfiltered look.

    • Agree. Those dilated pupils…Don’t like it.
      Particularly inappropriate for this cyberbullying thing, be yourself, be confident and so on…

      • isn’t that a consequence of the light level in the room? I don’t think that’s an editing question.

        • No, I guess it’s a filter.
          My daughter uses it for fun till you look like an alien…:)

          • Pupil dilation is an involuntary muscle function; I don’t think it can be changed via a filter. However, perhaps we are talking about different things.

            • Coquetry:
              And what about the parasympatholytics effect of the solanaceous plant, named Atropa belladonna.
              Maybe he wanted to imitate the Italian Ladies of the Renaissance who used the juice of the berries to beautify themselves, either as a make-up, or to give a shine to their eyes: hence the name of Bella dona” beautiful lady” taken from the popular Venetian language by Matthiole 1574 and still preserved today.
              But it is aTOXIC plant do not use it that could lead to death! At high dose Atropa belladonna has an action on the central nervous system: agitation, confusion, delirium, hallucination …called atropinic delirium.
              The Latin atropa derives from the Greek Atropos name of the third Greek Mother – or Roman Parque – one of those who held in their hands the strings of the fate of men. Atropos cut with his scissors the thread of life, it was the goddess of death.
              According to the old English legends, belladonna belongs to the devil who watches over her permanently except during the witches’ sabbath period. During this time, the witches take advantage of it to transform themselves into “beautiful women” and engage in such orgies as those that inspired Goethe to recount the “Nights of Walpurgis” in his play Faust.
              A Scottish tale tells how Macbeth’s soldiers slipped from the belladonna into the drink of their enemies, invaded Denmark and then killed them in their sleep.. Happy week end!

              • Precision: Mydriasis is the dilation of the pupils.
                To achieve this effect, we must intervene on a part of the autonomous neurovegetative system (independent of the will), specially on the parasympathetic system.
                That is to say it must be counteracted. For this we must oppose the muscarinic effects of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic system. This opposition is called anticholinergic.
                It is an Inhibition that is achieved by a competitive mechanism. The effect being an inhibition of the parasympathetic system, we speak of lytic effect. The origin of the word is lysis, which means destruction. For example, atropine has a parasympatholytic effect, which leads to the dilation of the pupil. (In contrast a stimulation would use the term mimetic).

            • I thought dilated pupils were supposed to be an ironclad way to tell if someone was attracted to you 😉 (That’s my take & I’m sticking to it! lol)

    • I do agree about the filtered/unfiltered photos. But you got to admit, that Mr. Richard Armitage still looks handsome and sexy either way.

      • Yes, of course, he always looks great, there’s no question about it!
        Therefore it is just not necessary (and for me counterproductive) to “enhance” his trademark, his eyes.

    • People on Twitter have been asking him for selfie daily since December, so I’m not too worried about narcissism (I wrote a whole article about this), unless taking selfies is per se a symptom of it, which I doubt.

  7. By the way, those are some nice eyes, in case you’re thinking of new ones for your header!

  8. Richie posted this pic early, early this morning!!! If he looks that good before 6am I’m dead impressed!!! Those eyes are spectacular!!! A downright danger of descending….

    • to the point that I was still awake the night before. I imagined he might have an early shooting call.

  9. Big beautiful eyes 🤤

  10. […] My sister and her kids are really into FreeCell Solitaire and tell me I should try that one next. Apparently, it is really addictive, as you try to improve your scores. Actually, when I was at my son’s ball hockey game the other day, two parents in front of me were playing this on their phones and totally ignoring the game! Of course, who am I to throw stones… I was looking at Richard Armitage’s new selfie on Me+Richard! […]

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