Pilgrimage for US viewers #richardarmitage

It sounds from this like US viewers will be able to view Pilgrimage on-demand from Acorn Movie TV (available on several platforms including Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku) and Urban Movie Channel. Acorn TV has a $4.99 monthly fee and initial free week offer.

~ by Servetus on June 16, 2017.

10 Responses to “Pilgrimage for US viewers #richardarmitage”

  1. I knew I loved my Acorn subscription.


    • LOL. There you are. I’m actually thinking of taking Dad off cable and onto some kind of Internet TV and this prospect did make me happy!


      • My parents received a Roku for Christmas and they LOVE it!! It has opened their world to new kinds of programming. I made some recommendations for them and they were very thankful. My dad did mention that he has a hard time with some of the UK programmings because of their accents. They surprised me when they said they watched “13 Reasons Why”. That was one show I would not have recommended or thought they would like.


        • I have two concerns — one is that he won’t be able to troubleshoot the technology himself and will become dependent on me in that way additionally; and it won’t have the programs available he’s addicted to on cable. I can figure out the latter, but the former is something we can’t know until we try it. He’s so hard of hearing that the possibility he would watch anything like UK TV pretty low, though.


  2. Woot – I just added this as am Amazon Prime channel subscription to foist I, Claudius on a new generation 🙂


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