Marianne Elliott interviewed about her first show #richardarmitage #oedipustoantigone

BBC Radio 4 recently broadcast an interview with one of the co-producers of the Elliott Harper company, Marianne Elliott — this one on Heisenberg, their first play, opening in October at the super-convenient-to-the-Tube Wyndham’s Theatre.

[Here’s a description of the venue — note it has the same issue as the Laura Pels with the first rows not being raked — if you look at the theater’s pricing, it suggests that they think the best seats are from row 5] — 750 seats in the theater for ca. 84,000 seats during the run). This is an update from the Daily Mail piece on the company’s plans, which had us pencil in the Gielgud Theatre.

Tickets are available now. The interview doesn’t say anything about Yael Farber, Richard Armitage, Oedipus to Antigone or the dates and location of the show BUT they say that they are reserving about 30,000 seats at £20 or less for Heisenberg, which is roughly a third, and that these seats are not limited to students or area residents or whatever but are available to all. If you buy directly from the theater you can get seats starting at at £19.50 with seats in the stalls ranging to £85. So if they follow this pattern for their remaining shows, under certain circumstances this could be a much more affordable pleasure than The Crucible was. Oh: Heisenberg closes January 6th, so if Oedipus to Antigone were the second show in the season, as was reported in the Daily Mail, it might be assumed to start then or shortly thereafter.

If you need an incentive to listen, Ms. Elliott says the word “scuzzy” — I hadn’t heard that in years.

Thanks to Evie and Christine for the prompts and links to write this post.

~ by Servetus on June 17, 2017.

2 Responses to “Marianne Elliott interviewed about her first show #richardarmitage #oedipustoantigone”

  1. This is so exciting. Did I miss any official announcement of RA’s involvement? Last I knew it was conjecture?


    • This is conjecture based on the following data points:

      –his and her statements since 2014 that they have been working on a project together, in his words “quite an ancient play” (was rumored to be Salomé, but that’s running in London right now w/o him), and related tweets
      –that she’s known to be doing Oedipus to Antigone this spring in London (based on Daily Mail theatre critic Baz Bamigboye’s info — he’s pretty reliable — and reporting in the Mail)
      –One or two tweets originating from him and Farber with text from the play, which the other then liked
      –Elliott Harper productions liking a fan tweet that said the fan hoped they would cast Richard Armitage.
      –Armitage’s statement in an interview in Jan that “it looks like I’ll be on stage again next year.”

      So far this is how this has worked. For the Crucible we had the first rumor in February of 2014, the official announcement in late April, and the play started previews in June. For Love, Love, Love, in 2016, we had “fan forensics” in May, liked tweets from Armitage in June, the official announcement in July and then previews beginning in September.


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