Richard Armitage objectification #4

I wrote this long post about how Richard Armitage plays shame in Strike Back 1.1, but I admit that part of what I wanted to do was watch him put on his shirt and watch Shelley Conn take it off — over and over and over again.

Richard Armitage and Shelley Conn in Strike Back 1.1. Look at that axilla.

~ by Servetus on June 18, 2017.

28 Responses to “Richard Armitage objectification #4”

  1. Sag mal, heute gibst du aber alles !!!
    Prächtig, so in den Tag zu starten 😉


  2. Perfectly understandable 😃


  3. You are making a rather compelling case in favour of objectification. I feel tempted to read your old posts (including all the comments) again.


    • They’re interesting — feels like an eon ago.


      • Was it 2013? That is eons in the fangirl dimension…


        • This post was 2010.


          • Oh goodness. That’s practically in neolithic times ⛰🌋


            • When you think about social media, and how people use it, it feels like that. Not just that but the vast majority of frequent commentators from them have moved on from the fandom.


              • The latter part is what really stood out to me when I was perusing some of your old objectification posts. I didn’t even go back as far as 2010, but nonetheless there were so many frequent commentators on those posts that have long vanished from current discussions. I miss many of them.


                • I think the problem is dual. One is structural — people want to have their conversation in 140 char bursts; for many people the necessary attention span and the barrier to participation in a blog-like discussion are too significant. The second is developmental — I never had tons and tons to say in the area of squee, and I’ve covered a lot of the topics I found interesting at that time in fair depth. The stuff I’m interested in now is harder to talk about in public in the first place, and secondly doesn’t really appeal to the current “audience” for it as much. I don’t think this is a “beginner” blog anymore. And I’ve recently learned a lot more about how my style comes across. I’ve regularly been exhausted by controversy that I didn’t intend to provoke, indeed tried not to provoke, when I thought i was being reasonable; but what I’ve learned suggests that certain kind of conversations may not be structurally possible in this setting without restricting access and I’m loathe to do that.


  4. Richard is a zaddy (scroll the comments where he is identified as the hottest man alive)

    Still not sure what a zaddy is but nice to see our man getting recognized!


  5. Ode to No Shirts

    There once was a guy quite divine,
    Whose chest caused the ladies to pine.
    He was highly regarded,
    When his shirt was discarded.
    So let the shirts go away,
    At least for today.
    Because no shirts are best,
    When ogling his chest.

    Kathy Jones

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Three definitions I’ve had to learn today… “raked seats”, “axilla”, and now “zaddy”!


  7. Heute gönnst du uns aber einen erfreulichen Anblick nach dem anderen. Trägt sehr zur Stimmungsaufhellung bei.
    🙂 ❤ Danke!


  8. More evidence to support my contention that the John Porter body was the best of the best!


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