I’ll keep praying, though.

For London. And for the family of the girl brutally murdered this morning in Virginia, on her way home from suhur, probably because she was a Muslim. May she reach Jannah and may we all cease our violence.

~ by Servetus on June 19, 2017.

9 Responses to “I’ll keep praying, though.”

  1. 😦 I have just heard it.


  2. FCPD is working the girl’s death as a case of road rage and not a hate crime.

    But yes, it seems to be never-ending. It’s both maddening and saddening.


    • I sincerely hope that’s true, but my friends at CAIR Florida say otherwise. Don’t know if they have additional information.


      • Well, even around here, there is skepticism that it wasn’t a hate crime. We’ll see.


        • I’d be the first to say that CAIR is willing to see it without a lot of pressure in that direction — and I was just reading it from friends of friends on FB, so they may have more details that are not publicly known or they may just be inclined in that direction. I read the father interviewed in the Guardian and he seems to think it was as well. To me, the extent of violence shown seems extreme for road rage — personally tracking down the young woman, beating her death and hiding her body? I know people get very angry, but this seems almost personal in its vehemence. It’s hard to see it as coincidence when a Muslim woman is involved, too.



  3. I haven’t stopped crying for a week after the fire. And another attack last night in front of Finsbury Park Mosque. Peace love and prayers to all. And you Servetus, Allah Bless you always x


  4. So sad that those crimes keep going on …
    (et en plein mois du Ramadan, ça ne peut pas être une coïncidence, hélas…)


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