A snippet on Oedipus to Antigone [no mention of Richard Armitage]

Here. I admit this sort of comment annoys me (I tend to think of it as “cheap feminism”). Antigone is not a feminist play, in the least. However, it’s not the case that after watching a traditional staging of Antigone that we have no sympathy for her. Moreover, it’s been a frequent choice of play to perform in authoritarian / totalitarian situations as a subversive act, precisely because of what it says about the nature of justice and justice vs. law. What Elliott wants us to realize is more or less the main point of the play, so this kind of comment makes me a bit nervous.

~ by Servetus on June 22, 2017.

3 Responses to “A snippet on Oedipus to Antigone [no mention of Richard Armitage]”

  1. Sigh – this whole project makes the classical scholar in me cringe with trepidation.


    • I taught Antigone the last time in the Fall of 2010 — trying to think if it’s maybe just better not to go back to that stuff before seeing this. It’s early days, though, so I guess we will hear more.


      • I’m not opposed to modern interpretations but I suppose everyone has their lines. I’m opposed to a kind of crass second-wave feminist interpretation.


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