This was me this morning, when dad scheduled his eye procedure for a rather early time. All’s well that ends well; hopefully this little piece of tension will evaporate from our lives for a while.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) stares wearily at Sarah Caulfield as he makes some coffee for them both, in Spooks 8.5.

~ by Servetus on June 22, 2017.

9 Responses to “Tired”

  1. What strikes me about that picture the most is just how young he looks.
    (Glad your dad’s procedure went well.)


  2. All the best for your Dad’s swift recovery.


  3. That sounds so familar


  4. Hope your dad gets better.


  5. I hope your dad has a speedy recovery.


  6. Ah, the joys and endless dr visits of parents in their….70’S? My dad has moved on to the next decade in ominously good health.


  7. Thanks for all the good wishes. Dad is in good shape and pleased with the improvement to his vision. Now we just have to get through the week of eyedrops without him hitting me (he can’t put them in himself, and he has frighteningly good reflexes).


  8. I am so far behind in reading my emails, but very happy to hear your father made it good with the eye improvements. Happy for you both.


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