My Zoe, Berlin, Richard Armitage [spoilers]

Via @mooseturds. That’s a new one for me. From an announcement that Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg will be subsidizing My Zoe.

“My Zoe”, für den Delpy u.a. mit Daniel Brühl und Richard Armitage auch in Berlin vor der Kamera stehen wird, wandelt sich von einem Post-Scheidungs-Beziehungsdrama zwischen Isabell und ihrem Ex-Mann nach dem Tod eines gemeinsamen Kindes zu spannender Science Fiction, heißt es in einer Medienboard-Mitteilung.

“My Zoe,” for which Delpy will stand in front of the cameras with Daniel Brühl and Richard Armitage, transforms itself from a post-divorce-relationship-drama between Isabel and her ex-husband after the death of their shared child, to tense science fiction, according to a MedienBoard news release.

~ by Servetus on June 23, 2017.

6 Responses to “My Zoe, Berlin, Richard Armitage [spoilers]”

  1. Sounds a little like The Keeping Hours with Lee Pace, praised at recent film festival. There certainly was no indication of any sci fi element from the get go. Maybe this is incorrect info. I thought this was going to be a disease of the month film.


  2. RA, Daniel Brühl, Beziehungsdrama, Kindstod und dann auch noch Science Fiction… das klingt nach einer irren Mischung. Wie aufregend!
    Denkst du, dass das was wird, das wir zu sehen bekommen???


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