OT: What is Hilary Mantel actually doing?

This week, the fourth person of my acquaintance asked me what Hilary Mantel is doing instead of finishing her trilogy of novels about Thomas Cromwell. I really don’t know. Well, she’s giving the Reith Lectures. Or maybe she’s finished.

But it occurred to me that although I do not know, perhaps you do?

What is Hilary Mantel doing instead of finishing her novels?

–watching reruns of the The Great British Bake Off?

–enjoying a wildlife safari in Namibia?

–undertaking a surreptitious campaign to reverse Brexit?

–sourcing parts for a restoration of her Norton Commando?

–writing a new short story about Kate Middleton’s plastic surgery?




~ by Servetus on June 24, 2017.

8 Responses to “OT: What is Hilary Mantel actually doing?”

  1. Yeah. (I was one of the four people lamenting). Need that book. Now.

    Maybe she has writer’s block?


  2. Maybe she can’t bear the ending.


  3. That is the weirdest coincidence. I am in the middle of a Wolf Hall re-watch and searched for an update on The Mirror and the Light just this evening, too! Couldn’t find out anything. I had 2017 in my head as the likely year of publication, but…. I’d think there’d be some confirmation somewhere, and there isn’t.


  4. During questions after one of the Reith lectures she said it should be out in 2018 but she couldn’t promise. She did hint at what she is doing and I can’t remember what she said… 🙄 She did say a couple of years have been spent on the stage adaptation of the first two books.


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