Do you have extra YA literature or favorite books to share?

We didn’t do a Dr. Seuss SpReAd the Love challenge this year, but there are still people who need books. At the moment, it’s a former student of mine, who teaches in a Title I high school. She’s also a new teacher (high school English) and trying to build up her resources for fulfilling the curriculum and for her classroom library. Many US teachers in this situation use their own money to stock their classrooms, but this particular student is in educational debt and currently working two additional jobs (at Sbux and Uber) to meet her financial obligations. And her school district actually has pay reductions for teachers on the table for the coming year in hopes of balancing its budget.

If you can help with a donation, here’s her GoFundMe. Here’s her amazon wish list. If you have books in your possession that would be appropriate for fourteen- to eighteen-year-olds that you won’t miss and can afford to send to her (they do not need to be literary classics, or in perfect condition), let me know via the contact link at right, and I will be happy to share her mailing address. Spanish-language books are welcome, too.

Thanks for reading and considering this.

~ by Servetus on June 25, 2017.

4 Responses to “Do you have extra YA literature or favorite books to share?”

  1. Because it’s small acts of kindness that make the world go round….☺️


  2. There are many grant programs that supply / donate books and funds to get books, especially for Title 1 schools. Have her look into that too


  3. […] A few weeks ago I asked for donations of books to a former student of mine. It was a bit of surprise to her as I didn’t tell her. I got a FB message yesterday saying “you’re the only Serv I know,” asking me to explain the book deliveries she’d gotten, and thanking me and all of you. I knew about some but not all of them. […]


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