Looks like they saw Sleeping Beauty

Forbes said “evening,” but last night it was opera (Verdi). This afternoon’s show was Tchaikowsky’s Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps they went out for dinner afterwards.

~ by Servetus on June 25, 2017.

16 Responses to “Looks like they saw Sleeping Beauty”

  1. ‘Dornröschen’ sounds so much more evocative than ‘Sleeping Beauty’… But in any case – ahhhh, the beautiful music by Tchaikovsky… What a lovely thing to do. No doubt, thousands of new fantasies have just been evoked.


    • I guess it’s actually called Спящая красавица, for what it’s worth (Spyashchaya krasavitsa). The ballet isn’t based on Grimm, though. I know that MY fantasies are in overdrive again (although I had already had a very evocative dream last night so I was obviously labile to start with). It’s always more intense when he’s been in a place I’ve been and can imagine.


      • Yes, I agree. It (he?) gets so much more relatable when one has first-hand knowledge of the place he’s in/has been in. It sparks more detail, it draws out the fantasy. Which is always welcome…


  2. Some ladies are so lucky sigh


  3. Well I’m guessing she’s not all that into ballet really ie has barely seen any if they picked that. Ok music but otherwise one as low down as it gets on my list of ballets i crave. Falls into category of ‘fancy showy twirling’ . I really can’t imagine this being one really to his true dance tastes. He can’t possibly be that traditional and old fashioned . Ah wait there is no other ballet on. Understandable then and to be fair it’s Nacho Duarto so hopefully a bit more interesting than the boring older versions. Too bad there was none of his more modern stuff. Tbh given the choice between this one and the opera they have on I’d have chosen Don Carlo or Boris Godunov any day. Look like really interesting productions . I’d love to see modern ballet in Germany 😊not my night out at the ballet this one.


    • I guess I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying traditional productions, but I’d love to be in Berlin watching anything at this point. I’m not sure we can deduce anything meaningful about either of their tastes from knowing one dance production they went to together. We don’t know their schedules, their options, their prior histories (he’s had ballet lessons, though), or anything like that.


      • Oh I’d definitively love to be in Berlin watching stuff. The 2 times i was lucky enough to go it was such a pleasure. Just saying that as a ballet lover this would not have been my pick and to me it wouldn’t be a romantic evening out 😉 But I’d love to be in Berlin doing/seeing something else. Those looked like seriously good seats.


  4. I believe that Michelle Forbes seriously pursued ballet , but an injury early caused her switch to acting, so this is right up her alley too.


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. Huh. The story I remember is that she was discovered on the street while visiting NYC, but I’m too lazy to look it up.


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