New stills of Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage

I won’t label these, so as to avoid spoilers. Source.

~ by Servetus on June 28, 2017.

17 Responses to “New stills of Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage”

  1. I like his hair and his horse equally 😀


  2. God that glare! That would turn my blood to ice if it was directed at me!


  3. I like that in the first pic that both rider and horse have the same hair do. hehe
    Looking forward to seeing this movie.


  4. Definitely unique for an actor and his horse to always have he same do…are we starting a trend??? Good eye Helen 🙂


  5. The matching bangs on the horse and the rider are hysterical. Maybe they don’t look so funny on the screen. Did you notice them when watching them film? And if you did, did you lol?


    • To be perfectly frank, I noted that he was riding a horse. And then stared at Armitage. He just exudes cruelty — in a way that makes it impossible to look elsewhere.


  6. Wow… that intense look from under the eyebrows! I’m excited to see the movie in August. (Somehow I can’t imagine him and the horse flipping their hair around in this!)


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