Richard Armitage medieval warrior

Remember the joking about Guy of Gisborne’s martial skills? Incompetent no more. Source.

~ by Servetus on June 29, 2017.

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  1. Steht ihm zweifelsohne, dieser ruppige Look 😊

    • Yeah, he looks good rough. As much as people try to push him toward aristocratic parts, imo he doesn’t have the right vibe.

      • Es vib(e)riert eher ins rustikale Fach 😁

        • Er kann in meinen Fach jeder Zeit vibrieren

          [not sure if that really works]

          • 😂 ich finde auch, als Fachvibrator würde er eine fantastische Figur abgeben. Mir wird gerade ganz zittrig ….. 🤣

            • 🤣

            • I couldn’t figure out if it should be dative or accusative (I have this problem all the time, which is why I loved Berlin.)

              • Dativ! Aber es ist erfrischend, dich mal nicht perfekt zu erleben 😘 Das nimmt den Ehrfurchtsschrecken 😂

                • even though he’s moving (“vibrating?)?

                  I’m really not very frightening.

                  • Nö, DIESEN Schrecken heiße ich mit Wonne willkommen 😍

                  • Der Schrecken bezieht sich auf deine furchteinflößende Sprachkompetenz. Vollkommen losgelöst vom Armitage 😂

                  • VibRAting 😂

                    • 🤣🤣🤣
                      Where else can I get a fix consisting of an envigorating cocktail of Richard Armitage, German syntax and “spice”.
                      If memory serves me correctly, the preposition ‘in’ takes the dativ, right? An, auf, hinter, in, neben, unter, usw.

                    • That’s the list of prepositions that take either dative or accusative.

                      You can sing the dative pronouns to the tune of a Viennese waltz:

                      aus, außer, bei, mit, nach, seit, von, zu.

                      For that list, it takes dative if you’re stationery, accusative if you’re moving. Ich bin in der Kirche; ich gehe in die Kirche. Although there are some weird rules you just have to know. Students are “auf der Uni” whereas professors are are “an der Uni.”

                    • Thank you. I’ll definitely make a note of it. This is very useful. Never heard about the waltzing of prepositions before – what a neat way to memorize. My German instruction goes back 25 years at least (if not 30!!).

                    • Ihr seid unglaublich. Die Mischung ist faszinierend und fast zu schön, um war zu sein.

                    • Die Mischung aus abgerissenem Ritter und hochintellektueller Silbenakrobatik? 😉

                    • Sooo much time gets spent on this in German instruction (dative vs. accusative), because of its consequences for adjective formation, but to be honest I got it wrong a lot in spoken German and no one ever indicated to me that they didn’t understand what I was saying. Germans are very tolerant 🙂

                    • 😀

      • Totally agree. His features suit the role of warrior/ soldier, not aristocrat. IMO, he has a similar gritty look and vibe to Sean Bean in these kind of roles – a good showcase for their respective Yorkshire ancestries!

        • yeah — when he’s dirty, it doesn’t look like makeup. It looks like he’s supposed to be dirty. As opposed to someone like Martin Freeman whose dirty always looks a little like makeup.

  2. Not sure if I dare ask but does he stay alive? 🙄 He certainly looks and sounds the part, from the clip…

  3. Couldn’t he get a part in Vikings😎😜

    • I remember some time ago that there was a preview for a new season of Vikings that included an actor that resembled him enough that people started asking about it.

      • It’s an excellent series, and I would love for RA to have a part in it.

      • Alright, better get my facts straight here: I meant ‘The Last Kingdom’. This is the excellent series I’ve been watching. Don’t know why I keep calling it Vikings…Sorry

        • I was wondering b/c I’d heard the opposite but it’s waaaay outside my bailiwick so …

          • The last kingdom is FANTASTIC!

          • That Vikings or Last Kingdom’s not good? I think The Last Kingdom is so entertaining. Vikings is supposedly more “accurate”. However, who knows with these tales; myths and legends are foundations for great stories, but not necessarily historically accurate.

            • Vikings.

              I guess I’d have to see it to judge, and it’s another one of those violent shows that I just feel no need to subject myself to. I’m reading all this stuff that claims that Pilgrimage is historically accurate, too. [coughs]

              • Well, The Last Kingdom is violent, but also has some great dialogue. The first series included quite a number of very good, Danish actors. Now, they diversify by using Norwegian and a few Swedish actors. The series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s books, so the RA connection is there.

                • i agree that LK has excellent writing and makes for good TV; i particularly appreciate that they haven’t gone all full out dark and gloomy as medieval fare these days on TV seems to favour. They have some wonderful characters indeed and manage to make a lot even with little screen time.

        • I will take either show.

  4. He looks like he needs a shower, but you are right — it suits him!

  5. I had to look twice! I thought it said “Guy’s marital skills” which were in fact pretty poor, as he didn’t manage it!

  6. Yes rough is definitely good! Still very much looking forward to see this movie. As for the martial skills – let’s see how RA’s fight sequences will look but this way to block that kind of cut would ruin the edge of your sword – if you can’t avoid contact altogether by getting out of the way of the cut, the other blade should be deflected with the flat of the blade, not met straight on with the edge as in this pic (of course there is no real edge, those are blunted swords with rounded tips but even so there’s a risk especially if the actor is wearing no armour like Bernthal) and from the position of Bernthals legs and his posture in this moment it does not look as if he is sidestepping the blow as he should. Of course from one sinlge picture it is not clear how the whole fight sequence was supposed to work out but if the Mute and his opponent in this fight (I guess the sword-arm is that of Raymond de Merville…) were already that close, the Mute could just step to the front-right and thus let the cut slice past his left shoulder while the whole left side of the opponent’s torso would be open to an upward cut.

    • Let me know if you want to do a guest post on the martial / fighting aspects of this film once you’ve seen it. Wow. The things you know!

      All I can say definitely is that this still is from the last fight sequences of the film, where the Mute (Bernthal) is up against Raymond and his men. He fights one, possibly two (i dont remember exactly) of them before he gets to Raymond. So it could be Armitage’s sword arm or it could be one of the men. I think it’s questionable, however, whether Bernthal’s character really plans / intends to survive this particular episode. Though he definitely wants to hold off / kill the Normans.

      • wow, flattering that you would offer a guest post 😉 but I can’t really decide if I could come up with something that would be interesting to read before I have seen the movie. also, I am by no means an expert but maybe I can get some people I train with to watch the movie together with me and get there opinion as well. Of course I know that stagefighting/ showfighting is different then any sparring/ fighting in martial arts training or competitions and this again can not really be compared to an actual fight in medieval times but even in a choreographed fight sequence its good if the actors know their stuff (concerning martial -not marital lol – skills) because that also means more safety on set: it can always happen that someone slips or forgets a step in a choreography and the other actors have to deal with it in a split second. …oh I would really have to think about how to structure such a post – I’m babbling already, sorry 😳 I’ll get back to you once I got the movie – but how? should I leave another comment then?

        • There’s a slot in the side bar that says “contact me” or something like that — you can send an email that way or leave a comment.

          Once you see it, let me know. It’s something I don’t know anything about and I think would interest a lot of people. Supposedly Armitage studied for a formal qualification in stage fighting, although I never saw any publicity that said he’d gotten it. He certainly got a lot of training, though …

        • Can i second that invite please? I’d be fascinated to know more once you have watched it! I see a lot of it and always wondered about the details. Including things like will it be better and more authentic visually if the weight of the swords and weapons in general resembles the originals closely or not (having lifted a few it seems to be the case that indeed heavier ones are preferred).

  7. grime is good, distracts me effectively from the hair style 😉 And amazing how long and lean he looks though he wears quite some bulk…

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