Richard Armitage wall-chicken-devourer?

At Gizmodo. I seriously have no idea what this means and clicking on the link didn’t make me any the wiser.

~ by Servetus on June 30, 2017.

23 Responses to “Richard Armitage wall-chicken-devourer?”

  1. From the graphic, I think that was an element of the video game. A wall chicken might have been (might be) one for the monsters or obstacles a player ( Trevor Belmont) has to kill – or something else ( bestiality?)


  2. The link in the article is to a screenshot of a brick wall in an old style video game. There’s a cooked chicken in the alcove in the wall. Presumably picked up by Belmont as sustenance.


  3. Or check this out – it seems it may be a cooked chicken. Roast chicken. Richard Armitage. Where have I read that before?


    • it’s the dish that this noted vegetarian makes for friends, lol.


    • speaking of which, Michelle Forbes seems to be fighting it out with a fan who dared to tell her that humans aren’t evil for eating meat.


  4. Chicken is energy. As a player (Trevor) you take damage with hits and attacks and eating chicken restored energy. The bigger the chicken, the more energy replaced.

    Damn, it’s been a LONG time since I played Castlevania. I need to check with Spawn to see if we have it for our original Ninetendo.


  5. Ok, I did not understand most of what that whole article was talking about. God, I feel old. However I am praying that Daniel Craig comes back for one more Bond and…RA will play the villain! Genius casting right there! I should move to Hollywood!


    • LOL. We’re dinosaurs!


      • And I, for one, am fine with that! ; )


        • I had that thought too this week. I went to see the Wonder Woman movie, thought, “obviously I am not in the demographic for this film,” and then thought, oh well.


          • So you didn’t like it? I keep thinking I “should” see it, but I really don’t want to.


            • No, I didn’t like it. My disenchantment didn’t rise to the level of offense, but I was alienated / bored for the first two hours and then annoyed at the end. My expectations were high because my college bestie loved it so much she cried at the end, and a fellow fan of ours whose opinion I really respect (Judiang) said that it was the best superhero film she’d ever seen. If I’d just been expecting a run of the mill superhero film I probably would not have been annoyed — but then I also wouldn’t have gone to see it. It’s more or less standard fare — women with big breasts in bustiers, over-CGI’d slow-mo fight sequences, dodgy German villains played by American actors with crazy accents, dumb sex jokes, over the top ethnic stereotypes, etc., etc. The kicker, though, is that the male lead is played by Chris Pine (whom I couldn’t separate from his role as Captain Kirk) and he gets a huge amount of screen time and all the good lines. Which is kind of problematic in a film that’s supposed to be about the development of a female superhero! Once the heroine says good-bye to her mother, a half an hour in, that’s the end of anything that might be seen as woman-centered about the film.

              There was a big uproar in the US about theaters showing it that led to a discrimination lawsuit, and all I can say is that nothing about this film should really inspire women to want to see it only with other women, and nothing about the film should make men feel insecure about women who might want to see it in a females – only showing.


              • Ahh. I really disliked the TV Wonder Woman show, which I think is really why I don’t want to see it. But yeah, I thought the film was supposed to be very strong woman, female centred. I appreciate hearing your take on it. I think I’ll pass.


            • oh, yeah: and I also went b/c I thought I “should,” i.e., I thought it was going to be one of those things that if you miss it, there are cultural references / conversations you’ll never understand. It got nowhere near that level, for me at least.

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  6. I only vaguely remember the TV show; either we weren’t allowed to watch it or it was on against something we were watching. In any case I don’t think I ever saw a complete episode.


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