Passion project, almost a passion play

~ by Servetus on July 4, 2017.

16 Responses to “Passion project, almost a passion play”

  1. he does love his play on words


    • I think he got his shamrocks mixed up with his four leaf clovers, lol.


      • That was my first thought, too… As for ‘passion project’ – whose? Was it one for him, too, I wonder?


        • if that’s true (he was passionate about this role) I would be surprised but who knows. I think though that it was possibly Hannigan / Muldowney’s passion project.

          Or maybe he always harbored a clandestine passion to play a brutal, emotionally damaged, slightly one-dimensional Crusader. I mean, who am I to judge? 🙂

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          • Yup, I’d be slightly surprised if that had been his dearest wish – at least judging by what he used to say about horror, violence etc. But well, personality change 😁…


            • Yeah, I think he needs to revise his line on that somehow. Like “I don’t like those aspects of the scripts but if something else intrigues me I can get past it” or “I want to keep working so I take these violent jobs but don’t like them” or “everyone has a different threshold and mine has changed after doing all these violent pieces” or or or.

              I mean, at this rate given all the things he’s done that he didn’t want to do, we’ll see him in a rom com next.


  2. I’m watching tonight .


  3. I think I’d give it a 6.5/10 rating

    It’s not bad, I get the “passion” when doing an indie like that, but some flaws in the script shine through and are hard to ignore IMO.


    • It’s a much better film, IMO, than Brain on Fire.


      • Yes, absolutely.
        With BoF I was bored pretty early on. And the young actress really got on my nerves at one point. Also, CA Moss and RA as parents for her didn’t work for me. The filmmaker’s passion didn’t come through IMO


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