OK, so Richard Armitage knew [spoilers]

Lots of fodder here. Brexit. And he did actually do that really gross thing himself, so he knew the film was violent.

~ by Servetus on July 5, 2017.

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  1. I think some fans will be put off by this film, and how brutal a character he plays. It will test whether or not they can stay with him when he plays a completely unsympathetic, violent character. I loved the movie. I thought the entire cast, as well as the quality of the film as a whole, in all respects was incredibly high. It’s understandable that it was a not to miss entry at Tribeca.

  2. I didn’t think the film was that great but I do think it was punching above its weight considering the budget. And when they aren’t massacring each other it’s definitely beautiful.

    After the whole Hannibal experience, I think a lot of fans will just not watch this one. In a way, this might be easier to digest than Hannibal was. We saw all these GIFs with Dolarhyde’s bloody mouth that were hard to bear, but I can’t imagine that anyone is going to create similar images of the brutality in this film (or at least not many people will). The images will be of him looking good and angry as a Norman and a lot of people just won’t see it.

    in terms of a larger trajectory, it would be legitimate to ask at this point (esp if he does do Bridget Cleary next year) whether his interests don’t lie in a different direction than a lot of the fandom that preferred the romantic, if conflicted hero. It’s going to take a huge leap of imagination to write Raymond de Merville fanfic.

    • It’s landed on my doorstep yesterday too but i don’t have time to watch until next week. However i admit i don’t feel all that drawn to it really, with other stuff i would have stayed up at night to watch. I even found time to squeeze in BOF even though i was crazy busy. Just don’t see myself sympathizing with many (even any) of these characters. More tempted to go see Tom in the Spiderman movie which is just out here.
      I’m mostly put off by the fact that it seems to be a battle in the wilderness movie more than anything else and the relic is as good an excuse as any but it doesn’t feel all that central to the story.. i mean not in what it means to people, how they feel about religion after the crusades and that kind of stuff.
      i don’t mind battle scenes per se as part of the action but not to the point where they are the main element. Very honestly i could feel more invested in the tornado thing due to the family element and so on.
      Maybe i’ll watch it and feel different about it and the scenery will certainly add to it, but still….

      • yeah, the religious level of the movie is at best confused. It’s like Muldowney and Hannigan assumed that what an agnostic raised in Ireland knows about the Church today was adequate for making an entire film about the middle ages. Taken as an action film, it’s better, but then probably not to the taste of the viewer who expects a more spectacular film.

        The scenery on the other hand: actually made me want to visit Ireland, which has never really been on my list.

      • If it helps, I didn’t view it so much as a battle movie, as much as a film about the relationships of the monks with each other, and their pilgrimage. Yes, there are battles, and brutality, but that is not the majority of the time. Even Richard’s scenes don’t all involve violence.

        • Thanks, it’s good to know there may be balance 🙂 I will watch, i guess it just turned out very different than what i thought it would be and with everything else that has been going on in real life round here i am not drawn to something with a strong element of violence. I don’t mind dramas or stories with quite desperate outcomes, it’s just bad timing.

    He must feel that his job of re-educating the taste of fans is not over. His duty is to continue this personal crusade. A continuous progression, an increasingly rich escalation of violence, horror, and gore in his films is required in front of the chaste ears. The followers of this kind of films will magnify the fan club, in the direction that he wishes ..

    • I don’t know if he thinks that much about fans before taking any role. But it’s true that these really brutal roles will change the composition of the fandom. If Castlevania takes off — and the fans of that become fans of his career (not just his voice) — we may be in for a shock. But that might be good for his career.

  4. This comment is in regards to the “to tweet or not to tweet” conversation rather than the Pilgrimage/blood & guts/knew or didn’t know. I’m so new to this fandom that the twitter insults and RA’s response all ‘came down’ earlier.
    I do agree in some sense with the content of many fans’ expressions of anger or sympathy to the players involved. It’s a shame RA was dissed and given some ultra-rude responses to his tweets. However, I also feel that if you formulate and share a considered opinion, you have to be prepared for many responses – some ugly. You need tough skin, especially in an world-wide forum. I would wager that many more of the people who read his tweets either agreed with him or agreed with his right to share them. So, I do wish he hadn’t let the crass responses of one segment prevent him from expressing himself via Twitter. That’s throwing the baby out with the bath water, giving the ultra-rude responders too much power AND punishing fans and folks in general by preventing them from learning more about him and his opinions. The person who made the infamous “just an actor..” comment was “just a … WHAT?” A human being. As Elizabeth Bennett said to Lady de Bourg in P & P – “He’s a gentleman. I’m a gentleman’s daughter. So far we are equal”. So, I have to say, man up, RA. You – and your opinions – are missed.

    • I would say that the responses to those tweets, positive to negative, probably ran around 85 / 15, with a very tiny proportion of the 15 being truly rude and not just critical or opposing his opinion. Thinking about it now, I think it’s true that as the discussion went on (he tweeted about Brexit more than just twice — I think there might have been something like a dozen tweets in total), responses became more negative or simply asked him to get off the topic (like the fans who told them they were bored of talking about Brexit — but again it was a tiny group who felt that way).

      And absolutely agree regarding the right of people to respond as they respond (that’s one of the intended functions of Twitter, a feature not a bug, as they say today) and that if one wants to talk about controversial topics one has to be prepared for controversial responses. I think that’s a learning curve; it certainly has been with me, and I would never say it’s not a problem. But it IS a cost of doing business. If he’s not prepared to pay — well, I guess that is his decision.

  5. OK, the Express is one of the worst tabloids IMO. Have you read the comments on the article – the Express is like Brexit heart land 😉 Very odd they had an exclusive with him.

    His twitter use changed, didn’t it? He sticks to promo only these days it seems. I deleted my twitter, but I get the impression that he is barely visible since BS2 started shooting, no?

    • I never read the comments, LOL. Or I try never to read them. I assume that they have to take what they can get for publicity with a movie like this one, but who knows.

      Yeah, since Xmas more or less his Twitter has mostly been about promo, with a few exceptions. And he’s not even always doing promo when you’d expect it; it’s sometimes delayed a bit.

  6. So he let the cat out of the bag that he rips a monk’s guts out with his very own teeth? Is that a spoiler alert? Sounds like monks on the march meets the Walking Dead . I don’t mind cinematic violence too much, unless it is recreating an actual event with people who existed in the real world. For instance, Bridget Cleary would be a problem for me. I also can’t understand how it could possibly make money. Unless the business part of show business is irrelevant for this production. Could it be marketed as a “true” horror movie, like Amityville Horror? Just wondering.

    • That was the most disgusting thing although it doesn’t involve his teeth. Teeth come into play in a different scene.

      I’m sure you could make a horror story out of the Bridget Cleary incident, although probably not with a script based on the book by Angela Bourke. That might be more salable than the “true story” but I’d really struggle with it.

  7. ❄️

    • as in, “snowflake” ?

      • Yep. My initial reaction to that ‘sensationalist’ article. Which makes me wonder how much of an ‘exclusive’ it really was…

        • Oh. I thought you were saying he was a snowflake (perhaps that term doesn’t have the connotation in Ireland it has here). I would have concurred.

        • Bah, probably some phone conversation, if that, mostly chopped up and patched together. Didn’t feel like news to me really, nor did it say anything new or different than i expected it would or that his twitter activity or lack thereof hadn’t already ‘said’. Storm in a glass of water we say where i come from. Brexit has too much negative impact in real life for me to have much interest/patience in rehashing a conversation/debate that i feel had already been done to death at the time. Actually says very little in terms of view on Brexit when it comes down to it, ie i never felt it was really something to get people’s backs up.
          As mentioned can’t say much about movie as not watched yet except it’s slightly bad timing in terms of my interest in a subject with men fighting violently and religious ho-hum.

  8. Ick. 😦

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