The midnight hour: Are you staying up to listen to Richard Armitage in Castlevania?

So apparently the show drops at midnight. Are you staying up?

ETA: The Tampa papers are giving the premiere as 3 a.m. on Friday — so it must be midnight Pacific Time in the US.

~ by Servetus on July 6, 2017.

35 Responses to “The midnight hour: Are you staying up to listen to Richard Armitage in Castlevania?”

  1. Nope, because who knows if their midnight is my midnight


  2. Ooo. I absolutely would be bingeing this tonight except that The Guy and I are planning to watch it together (he’s a big fan of Castlevania specifically and vampires in general) and he’ll be in bed by then because he works early.


  3. I don’t know, I am just so “meh” about this project. I love his voice though. Maybe. Probably not…but maybe.




  5. I’m hoping if Netflix sees a significant increase in memberships and can attribute at least part of it to Richard/Graham/Hobbit fans, that we can leverage that into more RA programming. They took VofD off last year and won’t someone please pick up Urban? The version of N & S on there is abridged 😦


    • My impression is we’re not a significant enough segment to shift buying — but maybe in comparison to the smaller anime fandom? I’m talking out my ass here really.

      Iirc, all that BBC stuff is on limited-term contracts, and that’s the determiner of what stays on or off Netflix.


      • I think there’s also the Castlemania fandom to consider in the equation. Netflix gets lots of info on current members. It tracks what members watch, so it should see some stats on what members are watching according to Netflix’s own categories ( which often overlap with one another) and whether those selections are in synch with previous category favorites. When Netflix sees RL me select anime, they’ll be hitting me with other selections going forward. I also assume they capture data on increased new memberships after a new selection has been made available and what new members selected. What I have no clue about is what the lowest number is that draws their attention or what method they would use to match increased viewing to a particular reason ( genre, actor, etc.) I doubt they go to the trouble of capturing info like: Perry has watched everything that includes Richard Armitage multiple times; Perry never selected anime; Perry is a first time anime viewer; this anime has Richard Armitage; Perry watched this as soon as it was uploaded; Richard Armitage was the reason Perry watched Castlevania. I think they have the capability, but won’t bother.
        Oh sorry, I’ve gone off a bit. I think maybe because I would like to know whether the fandom made a difference. Also, just to add, I think there are Armitage fans who are already Netflix survivors.
        Oh sorry – I really went on with this. I don’t plan to watch at midnight.


  6. I have to admit that Armitage’s voice work – although always attractive and excellently done- never has as much pull on me as his thespian work. Mainly because it’s only half the package. I won’t be able to see Castlevania upon release anyway since I am not at home. But if I were I wouldn’t stay up and binge watch it. I haven’t even watched the sperm race thingie or the serengeti narration, either. I did tune into the WWI naval History programme, though – because I am interested in that kind of thing. Castlevania will suffer from my ‘bad fan syndrome’ – I’ll catch up when I get to it.


    • The sperm race thing is kind of funny. I haven’t watched all the episodes about the decommissioned warship, either. Although I did buy the discs.


      • Hm, maybe I should give it a try then…


        • You probably won’t learn anything (the only thing I learned was that “estrogen” is pronounced with a long “e” in British English), but it was funny in a weird way and I had a lot of fun imagining what was going through his mind when he voiced it.


  7. I am solving the context prob by making my son watch it with me. He played it back in the day, so I am relying on his memory. How kind of Richard to do a project that brings generations together. Nothing like bonding over vampire shenanigans.l


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