THOSE Tweets — what Richard Armitage actually tweeted and retweeted about Brexit

Just for reference. I’m not confident I got all of them but this is the sum of what I archived on blog.

Comment on Europe before the election (last paragraph):





RT’d the day before the referendum:

The next morning:

Same day:


Link to this article.

6/26, second one RT’d from Amanda Abbington:

[Interruption: I blogged this at that point and one of my insights was that I thought the fact that he hadn’t deleted all these tweets meant he had learned more about tolerating controversy. I don’t remember exactly when a lot of this stuff went away, though — was it in the post-Trump-election rampage?]

There was a spate of political follows:


These two were deleted and then reposted:





and some more follows on that day:

A week in, approximately, he gets this far [6/30]:

This, which was an indirect comment [7/1]:

<a href=”http://

//“>My comment on the Brexit tweeting at the time.



And this on the same day was deleted pretty quickly.



This re: an advisory vote:


and this:


7/15, re the terrorist attack:

By 7/16, he was apparently tired of talking:

Which he deleted by tweeting that tweet, too, the next day.

At this point, his interest in politics seems to have turned to events in the US, as he started following several commentators after the Republican National Convention, and the political basis of Berlin Station. And the promotion tour for Berlin Station went into high gear at the end of July and Armitage was rehearsing for Love, Love, Love by mid-late August, so he was tweeting a bit about the context of that issue. I may have mislabeled, but this is the last tweet I’ve found that relates to Brexit:

~ by Servetus on July 6, 2017.

7 Responses to “THOSE Tweets — what Richard Armitage actually tweeted and retweeted about Brexit”

  1. Amazing chronicle. Thank you.


    • I think this was the point at which I started capping everything — before this I often just embedded because it saves server space.


  2. Very interesting to see it all unfolding like that.


    • it’s not an entirely solid picture of how that summer went because that period (about six weeks) also included tweets for Mid-Life Crisis, ADR for Berlin Station, Romeo & Juliet, and Cybersmile, and a hint about Love, Love, Love. Also he saw a Mike Bartlett play in that space of time. So this was only a piece of what was going on. But if you want to see my stream in “real time” the archive button on the side allows that, too. You can load all the posts for June.


  3. Wow. I missed a lot of that because I was on holiday at the time. That’s some proper agit- prop 😂. Whether I agree or disagree with his sentiments doesn’t matter – my main reaction would have been that I respect him for expressing his opinion so decisively and clearly. What a shame that he deleted it all – that feels like back-pedaling, which in turn makes me retract my respect…
    Thanks for this collation.


    • Yeah, even though I thought some of what he said was questionable, after CyberSmile my opinion of him was fairly steadily rising all summer. I wonder about the disclaimer re: I’m not influencing you, though. I’d have to think about that more.


  4. […] 3. Brexit. We know you voted against it, Mr. Armitage. […]


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