Castlevania first reactions #richardarmitage

Review of episode 1 at Hobbyconsolas (Spanish). Likes the series in general but would have preferred a more “stoic” Trevor.

Comment thread at 4chan. [warning: 4chan is not for the faint of heart. The atmosphere of discourse is brutal. However, a lot of the commentators are probably in the core audience for the piece.] Mixed comments; some like the humane Dracula while others do not. I was surprised at how positive some of the comments are. If you’re going to read this I suggest reading it backwards, from the bottom of the page.

Decider: “by far one of the best and most fun video game adaptations that has been released in years.” Likes the more emotional take on the Trevor Belmont character.

Interview with Adi Shankar. Starts about 41:30. Comments on voice cast around 54 min.

Some comments on reddit.

Premiere (in French): “a very sharp sense of humor.”

From an anime / game reviewer:

Several more video reviews:

[French language]

“surprisingly excellent”. Likes the Belmont character. Appreciates the fan service but also the fact that the story makes sense to non-fans. “The best thing to happen to us in a very long time.”

Trevor Belmont character is one of his favorite parts: “a bit of a miscreant.”

Digital Spy collects first Twitter responses. Very positive.

A Swedish fan.

LRM — by fanboys for fanboys.

In Portuguese!

Here’s a clip of episode 1 with Adi Shanker commenting.

Someone who seems kind of disappointed / bored.

In Spanish:

In Portuguese (once again reminding me that I really don’t understand this language!):

Adi Shankar about how his series is not a cash grab.

8/10 and time for a little anti-Roman Catholic polemic.

Likes everything except the music (something I’ve read a few times now).

Loved it because it looks back to the original Castlevania aesthetic, but his review was delayed because he got stoned first.

Castlevania evades the video game adaptation curse. Very positive.

Finds the show inadequate on almost every level.

TV Guide gives it a C. Likes the cast.

MIC interview with Adi Shankar.

Really hates it; especially resents Trevor as hero:

Not enough action, not enough Castlevania-specific stuff.

“Dope as fuck”:

“Trevor is foul and apathetic” / mixed feelings about the characters. 3/5, and I watched in vain for Beth:

In Portuguese, praises Armitage’s voicework.

Reviewer has the same obscenity level as Trevor Belmont:

In case you haven’t had enough of these:

~ by Servetus on July 7, 2017.

7 Responses to “Castlevania first reactions #richardarmitage”

  1. Thanks


  2. I “think” thanks. That 4Chan site is brutal to read, but I learned a little more about what fans expect from anime.


    • yeah — it’s “educational,” I guess, for everyday mortals. That’s the sort of furthest reach of the Internet that’s not “dark web.” I never know if people know what it is but if not, the wikipedia article is instructive.


      • It ought to be annoying for those who care about discussing the real issues, though, when these trolls get on there – or even not trolls, just really awful statements from people.


        • you’d think. But part of 4chan’s appeal to its users, apparently, is that no abuse is too irrelevant or too negative.


  3. Thanks for rounding all of these up!


    • any time 🙂 although I think I’m going to cool it on the youtubers. There may be better uses of my time than to watch stoned late adolescents talk aimlessly bout why they don’t like th emusic 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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