Richard Armitage confirms his enjoyment

~ by Servetus on July 7, 2017.

4 Responses to “Richard Armitage confirms his enjoyment”

  1. Oh yes please! I may know nothing about anime but I do love a good vampire story, having grown up with the late great Christopher Lee in fangs! Sexy as hell 😄

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  2. I think this might be my favorite tweet from him so far this year…. his excitement really showed, and I’ve been missing it for some time! The simultaneous global reaction and enthusiasm has to be a rush for him…. I’m sure he would love to be on board either way, but cute that he’s lobbying to be onscreen 😀 I’m not certain, unfortunately, that the core audience of gamers would agree that live action makes better sense than anime for this, but they also seem strongly, vocally appreciative of his work. I’m very happy for him! ❤


    • yeah, I’ve seen exactly two negative comments in the huge stream of positivity; one from someone who didn’t like any of the voices and the other from someone who thought he was good but miscast. Hope he’s enjoying that and seeing the proportion.

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