Maybe Armitageworld should try youtubing #richardarmitage

The flood of vids of guys talking about Castlevania will not quit. Maybe we should all try video-blogging. However, I have to say, I haven’t found a woman yet.

“Very enjoyable”; gets into back history of the script, which goes back ten years.

Somewhat unusually, likes the music. “Trevor Belmont is everything I like in my heroes:

Loved it, although he expected it to be a waste of time; “every scene with Trevor is fucking hilarious”; “lip synch that looks like it took time and effort to do”:

Discussion about whether it should be a film or a series. Strong Scots accents:

“this show is fabulous to say the least.” Repeats something I’ve read several times now — best US anime show since “Spawn.” “Trevor Belmont is a fantastic lead.” “I was saddened that there were no roasted chickens inside walls.”

“Man, is it a blast.” Guy got on immediately after watching b/c he’s so excited. “Trevor Belmont — he is gold.”

His mom wouldn’t let him play the game:

Someone who made his own Castlevania, really loved the first episode:

~ by Servetus on July 9, 2017.

2 Responses to “Maybe Armitageworld should try youtubing #richardarmitage”

  1. Go for the video blogging Serv! 🙂


    • OMG. Just say no. I don’t even like recording lectures.

      I was just listening to another podcast about Castlevania and really, unless the speakers are trained, it’s a rambling format that encourages lack of self-discipline.

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