More Castlevania reactions [day 3] #richardarmitage

No let up in the stream of these so far.

Fansided: Richard Armitage does “most of the heavy lifting”.

Black Nerd Problems: “Belmont is badass.”

Finally, a female reviewer.

Here are a few more youtube reviews. I think I’m done watching these now, though.

“Holy cow, was that awesome!”:

“Show captures the essence of Castlevania” / “Richard Armitage does a great job”:

Seeing more women today. I did not listen to all of this.

“The love that was Netflix’s Castlevania”:

“Holy Shit, how cool was this?”

“The series is fucking phenomenal” / “voice acting is fucking phenomenal … Trevor Belmont”

“Fantastic without a doubt”. Surprised that Konami allowed it.

Praises Richard Armitage.

Appreciates the look.

~ by Servetus on July 9, 2017.

4 Responses to “More Castlevania reactions [day 3] #richardarmitage”

  1. My 21 year old daughter is very discerning with her anime and sat down to watch it with me just to make me happy – and she loved it. Now she’s hooked. This morning she ordered some Castlevania games – and she wouldn’t go near a Castlevania game before (she does love Assassins Creed though) – she said she needs to tide herself over till season 2. She even said RA did a fantastic job with the voice acting (high praise from her, she doesn’t understand why I think he’s so great, he’s just ok in her eyes). She loved the whole look of it and was not expecting it to be so good. I am not into gaming at all – the time flew by watching Castlevania. I loved it and loved the humour in it.


  2. I’m scrolling through all the reviews and reactions you have been collecting. Wow, so many! Not commenting on them all, just thought I’d pick one of the posts to say thanks. So, thanks. 🙂


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