Richard Armitage got some of his French in Canada!

New interview.

ETA: it’s frustrating that so little of what he’s talking about is visible in the film, but I really enjoy Richard Armitage’s discussion of process.

~ by Servetus on July 9, 2017.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage got some of his French in Canada!”

  1. Go Canada! I’d love to hear his Quebecois accent


  2. Would he have been working on his French when he was in Vancouver working on BOF? There are not a whole lot of native French speakers here. 2011 census was 17k out of 4.4 million people, so he was lucky to find some!
    I was struck by the quote that as an actor he can relate to “how ambition can be all-consuming at the expense of your life.” I assume that means that there are things he would have liked in his personal life that he has sacrificed for ambition.


    • No, while in Toronto for Hannibal. Hannibal wrapped after Pilgrimage had already started filming. Brain on Fire was later that summer (2015).

      Yes — interesting statement. I think one thing he’s mentioned in the past has been the way that the peripatetic lifestyle has complicated his social life.


      • Ahh, that makes more sense -lots of Francophones in Ontario.
        For an actor chasing the work, sustaining a relationship would be pretty tough.


        • Plus: 18 months in NZ. It seems like that played a role in the Abbingdon / Freeman breakup. The people who were happiest there seemed to have brought their partners with them (McTavish, Nesbit).

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        • Yes, but not necessarily in Toronto. So I am still wondering how / where he got his tutoring – Canadian accent. Did he hang out in Montreal with his good friend Yael Farber maybe?


          • Could be… but still 32,000 Francophones in City of Toronto per 2011 census. And Toronto has an Alliance Francaise language school as well.


          • I can’t exclude it, obviously, but Montreal to Toronto is a five hour drive. That would be a long way to go for any kind of regular tutoring, while shooting actively.


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