There’s an article about Pilgrimage in the Sunday Times

Behind paywall (no, I am not a subscriber). But for those who can see. Jamie Hannigan tweeted a barely legible version of it here.

Interesting — English is meant to stand in for Latin. Hmm. Okay. I saw the film several times and that never occurred to me, but okay. But then why have Latin in the film at all?

Interesting — some of Diarmuid’s backstory (still not convincing given the monastery setting, sorry. You guys don’t know much about medieval history. Unless Diarmuid’s father was a very wealthy poet).

Interesting — they had planned to show more of the sophistication of Irish culture. OK, good, that was something that concerned me, considering Irish monks were among the most learned in Europe at the time.

Interesting — he’s obviously worried about the sausage-fest nature of the film. That didn’t bother me so much, as the only setting where we’d have seen them would have been in the camp, i.e., the women who were camp followers of various sorts, and it’s not clear why that would have belonged in the story.

~ by Servetus on July 9, 2017.

2 Responses to “There’s an article about Pilgrimage in the Sunday Times”

  1. I have tweeted the link but I’m not sure if that gives access unless you have a subscription? Interesting article and a good pic of Raymond wearing his helmet. I’ll copy and tweet it.


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