If you watch only one more YT review of Castlevania …

This is the one to watch. Via Fruity Adobo!

~ by Servetus on July 10, 2017.

8 Responses to “If you watch only one more YT review of Castlevania …”

  1. Yay! Hope you enjoyed. He’s a bit of a showman, so his reviews are often pretty fun. And if you want a nostalgia trip, his Hobbit reviews are good times. 😀


    • he was definitely worth it.


    • I’ve kind of been waiting for a review from The Mary Sue and haven’t seen one yet.


      • Would be interesting! That site’s a bit hit-or-miss for me on their regard for fandom in general (I recall one of their writers singling out a Jessica Jones rape fic on AO3 for some reason and that article just left a bad taste in my mouth), but I do like reading their other stuff.


        • I think it’s the only venue that took the new Spiderman film to task for hotting up Aunt May, which I appreciated. (Since I saw two or three reviews that said it was a good move, which pissed me off — and then I overheard a conversation yesterday while grading in a coffee shop about if Aunt May is that young, the origin narratives don’t make sense anymore.) I’m not a very dedicated reader but I usually find perspectives I hadn’t thought of.


          • Yeah, making Aunt May younger was just :/ Not one of my favorite things in the world. Much as I like Tom Holland, haven’t been very eager to see the new Spiderman.

            Had a convo earlier with my sister, and we were talking about some of the tropes—Lisa’s fridging, not passing the Bechdel test (I mean, there’s a mentioned conversation post-burning, but we don’t actually witness the convo), and Sypha’s early damseling, primarily—but I think there’s a sort of collective shrug with these things when the source material’s so dated. Still kind of weirds me out that no one even mentions them, though. That said, I love what a powerhouse Sypha is, and the Alucard and Trevor fanservice don’t really hurt. 😀


            • I might go tomorrow (cheap day), but not if The Big Sick has opened here.

              I don’t expect every narrative to be fully gender or ethnic / race integrated (and I resented the way Tauriel was tacked into The Hobbit, particularly with the romance). But I think in a lot of cases it would make sense if they were, and that is substantially more cases than a lot of culture-makers seem to think they should be.

              This was really a nostalgia project, from everything I’ve read about it — which probably has a substantial impact on which “updates” the creators wanted to put in. That burning scene — uch. Did not like. But it may be a situation like pornography, i.e., we know when an update works or would have been a good idea, and when it wouldn’t or wasn’t, after we see examples.


              • Yay The Big Sick! Been curious about that one, but not sure if it’s showing here. Doesn’t seem to be in the local radar. :/

                I loved Tauriel, but wasn’t a fan of the romance either. But yeah, “in a lot of cases it would make sense if they were,” exactly that. I think Iron Fist is a good example of how taking dated material and bringing it over to a modern audience with all its problematic elements intact will get a collective side-eye from new viewers and annoyed hissing from fans, lol.

                That makes sense about the updates! And maybe they added the burning scene if they plan on adding that succubus-posing-as-Lisa dream Alucard had in one of the games later in the animated series to give it more impact or something. Ugh I can’t wait for Season 2, it feels so far away. 😦


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